11 summer travel essentials

sYou have booked your flight and completed Itinerary. What’s Next? Packing of course. With summer travel fast approaching, it’s time to get down to the important work of fine-tuning your list of essentials packages.

Between stylish sets, cosmetics, and tech gadgets, it can be extremely challenging to organize the perfect items that tick all the boxes, while all of them fit in the limited luggage space. With travel intensifying this season, it’s fitting that our luggage bags can keep up.

The trips that dot our summer calendars will undoubtedly take us to the mountains, beaches and the wonders of big cities, so it’s important to fill your luggage with stylish and functional pieces to create a seamless memory no matter where your travels take you.

Here are 11 must-have summer travel essentials on our packing list.

The Briggs and Riley Essential Carry-On Spinner is a tried-and-true bag.

Sophisticated luggage set

Packaging can be a complex science. The nuances of fitting each set into a few bags are nothing short of miraculous. The right bag is crucial.

For a more efficient approach to packing, take a side step from modern hard-shell bags and get a classic handbag and personal item set with all the pockets, bells and whistles for the most efficient packing. The Briggs & Riley Essential Carry On Spinner It is a tried-and-true bag built with a proprietary expansion system that makes it more acceptable for “packaging”. Once you’ve stuffed each accessory, the bag has a great one-tap-tap compression system. Their basic set also includes a matching traveler’s backpack or weekend duffle for the perfect carry-on for two.

skin care

Traveling can be tough on your skin, so some powerful products that can do this are all essential. Aman, the luxury hotel brand that takes hospitality to a whole new level, has launched its own line of skincare, fragrances, candles and nutritional supplements made with natural ingredients – all with the essence of their coveted properties.

they Travel Essentials Set It contains three products to keep your skin and body glowing throughout your journey. All you need to treat your skin on the go is a ground amethyst shower oil, a concentrated nourishing jade mask, and a hydrating Palo Santo ointment.

Lorna Murray
This summer, everyone needs a sun hat to keep those UV rays out. The Lorna Murray Island Capri hat is a great choice.


Whether you’re hitting the beach or the mountains, sun protection is always a must and stylish sun hats seem to be having an important moment. Lorna Murray Island hat Not only is it a stylish top that goes with every ensemble, but it is completely packable by folding it easily due to its fun accordion style. It also has an optional tie for those windy days.

Take a handbag everywhere

With limited luggage space, a stylish and purposeful handbag is a must. a crossbody style With an optional handle is the perfect way to take your bag from day adventures to enticing evening cocktails. Choose a woven straw pattern for a relaxed summer adventurer look.

Large pairing - water - water - blessing - blue - orchid - king - flowers - cotton
A versatile scarf is a must on any summer trip.

Versatile scarf

The scarf is the underrated travel companion. The large, versatile scarf can double as a plane blanket, fleece wrap for swim time, or cold wind wrap. Agua by Agua Bendita pareos elaborate print has versatility while bringing eye-catching florals to your look.

Entertainment anywhere

Playtime with your travel companions should not be forgotten. Whether you are on a long layover at the airport or sipping a wine outdoors, a deck of fun cards has appeared or this Roll up Backgammon Set It will bring fun with you.

Prada Series Case for AirPods and AirPods Pro
Prada series is a stylish way to never lose your AirPods.

headphone holder

Vacation is all about being on top, so why not keep up your easy-to-lose AirPods with a convenient stand chain. It is additional and responsible.

expert travel guide

Co-founded by Abby Rappaport of Texas strange guide, a series of destination guides packed with authentic local stories to paint true pictures of the local area and provide a strong sense of place. Daydream with some light reading or looking over the pages to help plan your adventure.

Lunya Summer Travel Set Travel Essentials
This Lunya six piece travel kit comes complete with soft track pants, sweatshirt, tank top, socks and sleep mask that fits perfectly in a mesh bag perfect for laundry later.

Comfortable Loungewear

Convenience while traveling is just as important as adventure. As well as comfort. Whether on the plane, or sipping a coffee in your spacious hotel room, this comfy pajama set will make you relax. Lunya 6-Piece Travel Set It comes complete with soft sweatpants, a sweatshirt, tank top, socks, and a sleep mask, all pairing perfectly with a mesh bag perfect for laundry later.

Portable water bottle

Hydrate sustainably and modernly smart, using a luxury water bottle. The LOEWE Leather and Aluminum Edition is a premium accessory in itself.

Nimble CHAMP Portable charger for summer travel essentials
The Nimble CHAMP Portable Charger fits in any pocket or bag on the go.

Charger on the go

With our devices doubling as our cameras, books, maps, social media, and more, we need to keep our digital aspects brimming with life. Never let your device lose power with a cute little portable charger that fits easily in a pocket or bag.

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