13 Best Toiletry Bags for Women of 2022

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When packing your bag or duffle, it is essential to think about how you will store all of your lotions and potions. Whether you’re a skincare connoisseur, spending full salaries on essences, serums and moisturizers, and don’t want to spill a drop, or if you have a low-key approach to grooming and simply don’t want to have a mid-flight shampoo blast in your luggage, you’ll need a toiletry bag good. Here, 13 of our favourites.

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Tommy Voyager City Nylon Cosmetic Bag

Why does Tommy love luggage? Seamlessly blending form and function, as in this elegant black cosmetic bag, which features a hanging hook and multiple compartments that open up to keep all your lotions and potions within easy reach.

Keep all your serums, pigments, and other products from bumping into each other with the Cuyana Leather Wellness Bag, which not only looks super luxurious, but also features thoughtful details like elastic loops and a back pocket to keep everything organized on the go.

TSA approved toiletry bag

If you prefer to always carry on while traveling, storing your toiletries in a clear TSA approved toiletry bag is a smart choice, so you can get through the safety lines. Plus, when you reach your destination, the transparent bag makes it easy to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for as you prepare for a day of sightseeing.

Almost everything looks a little better with a monogram—including a toiletry case, like this one from Leatherology, which at 6 inches is big enough to keep side bottles upright.

This gray and crinkled blue leather cosmetic bag, which features Mulberry’s signature Postman’s Lock, is so pretty, it can double as a handle—especially if you’re trying to keep your bag light.

This easy-to-clean toiletry bag features a wide opening for easy access and one of Rifle Paper Co’s signature botanical prints to brighten up even the simplest of hotel bathrooms.

Dagne Dover Hunter Waterproof Toiletry Bag Heather Gray at Nordstrom

There is nothing worse than unzipping your suitcase once you reach your destination only to realize your shampoo is soaking through all of your clothes! Fortunately, it is a preventable problem. Simply store all your liquids in a waterproof canister like this one from Dagne Dover, which is made from recycled polyester.

Some people swear by the folding method of packaging – stacking their clothes in neat piles in their bags. Others love the roll-up method, which they swear reduces creases and frees up more handbag space. I live the bag fashion – I put everything into packing cubes and smaller bags to keep things organized. This pattern from Stoney Clover Lane makes it clear where all of your toiletries are.

Every My Vanity Travel Case

Never lose your favorite moisturizer, shampoo, and shaving cream with this elegant black and white case, lined in a fun striped pattern.

Barbour tartan hanging set

Whether you’re heading to Scotland this summer or just a fan of Barbour’s signature tartan prints, this hanging dopp set will make your travel splurge. Not only does it hang over the bathroom door for access to all your essentials, but it also folds up neatly for easy packing.

The Littles Night Out Skincare Set

If you’re only spending one night away—it might be worth investing in a toiletry kit prepackaged with nighttime skincare essentials, like this one from Drunk Elephant.

Toiletry Bag Personal Organizer, Family Size

If you’re in charge of packing cosmetics for your entire family, consider investing in a larger bag like this one from LL Bean, which holds several full-size bottles and hair brushes, and features waterproof fabrics to reduce spills.

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