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Cheney – The long, winding track and field season finally came to an end on Saturday, and plenty of area athletes got a chance to climb a few steps onto the State’s podium — some all the way to the top — at the end of the season.

Schools 1B, 2B, and 1A made the cross-state trip to Cheyenne to hit the path around hell at Eastern Washington University.

Toledo, Calama, Castle Rock and Nazel pulled together the individual and team finishing touches, with each school participating in the state champion.

Toledo actually had four state champions thanks to the 4×400 relay team that topped the field at Level 2B with a time of 3:30.67 and helped Toledo reach sixth overall for the boys’ team, their first in the top eight since 1997.

“We are proud to bring some of the banners back to the gym,” Toledo coach Don Chablo said. “We are very excited and really cannot be proud of our boys team. What a paw performance by all of them.”

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Conner Olmsted started the Riverhawks’ opener, followed by Jordan Mackenzie, Wyatt Nef and then cemented by Carson Olmsted with four of them leading the state in this season’s Wired event.

“The leadership and character of these four guys are just as great as they are on the team for us, just as much as the people,” Chablo said.

Calama’s Max Cox also earned an official title in the javelin’s height of 175 feet 6 inches. Cox was pretty stagnant before the encounter, but after borrowing Nate Anderson’s former Chinook spear, he hacked into the State Department.

“He was struggling a little bit actually…then he came out on the last day on Saturday and his first throw was 5ft,” Calama coach Kevin Wright said.

Cox’s 5-foot PR level was closer to 170, but he beat that by another 5-footer on his third throw to set the state standard.

Kynsi Bayes of Castle Rock won the girls’ level 1A javelin throw with a mark of 110 feet 6 inches. Bayes had to wait a while to see if her early throw mark held up as the rest of the competitors finished, but coach Andrew Johnson knew she would win after her first throw. In fact, Johnson knew she was going to win before the encounter even started.

“I told her ‘You’re going to throw 110 and you’ll win the state,'” Johnson said. “Since that first throw, I’ve been like, ‘I won the state title. “

Johnson said Baez’s casual reaction to the win was almost conceited with the excitement shown by her teammates by comparison.

But the best showing probably belonged to Naselle’s Trenton Stevens, who was third overall as an individual in the boys’ 1B rating, helping the Comets take second place.

Stephens won the long jump with a jump of 21 feet, 3.25 inches, finished second in the triple jump with a 40-foot, 10.5-inch jump, finished fourth in the high jump with 6 feet, and fifth in the javelin. 143 feet, 1 inch.

Nacelle coach Scott Smith: “He’s an exceptional kid and a great teammate.” “He’s always helping and he’s really intentional in every event, and he’s trying to improve.”

Derek Sumela also cemented Nassel’s second place finish, who finished third in the 400m and finished fifth in the high jump.

Cassie Klein also finished third with Team Castle Rock in the 400m while Paige Kessler and Brock Werkalla finished third and sixth, respectively, in the high jump. Werkala finished sixth in the triple jump. Mia Manzano and Samantha Farland paired up with Werkala and Klein to help the Rockets take the lead in the 4×400 relay and finish sixth as a team.

Cox’s strong performance was backed by plenty of others on both sides for Kalama. Alina Ross led the girls’ team by finishing second in the pole vault, at 9 feet 9 inches.

“Another great season,” Wright said. “It’s been near the top all season with terrible basement conditions.”

Chase Lee placed fourth in the boys’ 200m, Irene Martinez finished fifth in the girls’ 400 class, and together the Chinooks finished fourth in the boys’ and girls’ 4x100m relay as well as the girls’ 4×200 and 4×400.

The Toledo team, many of them in the champion team relay, scored several other top finishes. Carson Olmsted came close to winning the 300m hurdles, but an “epic train wreck” in the second half of the final hurdle propelled him to seventh place. It doesn’t matter, Olmsted is still third in the javelin, a place ahead of Nev for fourth.

Neff also placed third in the Riverhawks long jump to lead the team with 11 singles points. Conner Olmsted added fifth in the 400 metres.

Other top winners from the area’s schools include Ilwaco’s Oden Woodby, who finished second in the boys at the 400m for the fishermen. Fellow Ilwaco athlete Tazilina Thomas finished third in the triple jump for the Fishermen’s girls team.

Toutle Lake took home one state athletic spot, with Chase Lynn placing second in the boys’ long jump at 21 feet 2 inches.

Wayne Harrison of Wahkiakum and Reigha Niemeyer found the mules platform in a javelin throw. Harrison ranked seventh for boys while Niemeyer ranked eighth for girls.

Winlock’s best finish came from Cali Scofield in third in the girls’ long jump and Addison Hall’s sixth in the girls’ discus.

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