8 ways to travel rich on any budget

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You want to take a vacation and live somewhere big, but you don’t want to have regrets when you come home and see your bank account. There are definitely ways you can live a good life when you travel without spending thousands of dollars. You can even travel internationally and stay on a budget – without feeling cheap.

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Here are some tips and tricks to feel rich while traveling without spending a lot of money.

Go out of season

If you avoid high season for your destination, you’ll save on everything from airline tickets to accommodation. In fact, some places will cost up to 70% less if you stay there during the off season. This means that you can search for large homes and mansions to give you that elevated feeling without paying a high price. And choosing a month for off-season travel also gives you more money to enjoy a fine dinner while you’re away.

Skip the tourist traps

The attractions are also filled with tourists with ways to drop a lot of money. Food and drink are often more expensive, and any tickets will also be expensive, because the sellers know that people travel from all over and are willing to spend a lot. Try to miss anything filled with tourists and choose places off the beaten path. If there is a tourist attraction that you really want to visit, try to go on a weekday or at a time when the entrance price may be lower than during prime visiting hours.

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split costs

Planning to go to a hot vacation spot? It probably won’t be hard to get some friends to join, especially if you know you’ll be splitting travel expenses. This way, you can choose a huge place to stay, and with the price split, you’ll still pay less than you would in a luxury hotel.

Be your own waiter

Once you’ve found a great place to stay, stock up on your favorite drinks. You can get alcoholic drinks on the top shelf and they will likely cost you less than the high prices in bars. Drinks can sometimes run up to $30 a piece depending on where you live. For that price, you can have multiple drinks in the beach house I rented.

fly in style

The budget will likely be top notch – but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a first class experience. JSX offers a luxurious flying experience for bus fares. JSX offers a quick check-in process, without going through any commercial airline terminals. They say all you need is 20 minutes to get to the plane. Every seat comes with legroom in Business Class, and you’ll get a complimentary cocktail and snack when you board. At the moment, JSX only flies within the United States, but it flies to hot destinations like Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas and Austin.

Go to countries where the dollar is more valuable

Really expand your dollar by visiting a destination where your dollar is more valuable than it is in the United States. For example, in Portugal, a pint of beer will cost you about $3, and an inexpensive meal will cost you about $9. Peru is another place where the dollar goes away. You can get a three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant for about $20, and taxis start around $1.33 a mile.

Use a Travel Rewards credit card

If you’re serious about a luxury vacation, apply for a credit card with great travel rewards or airline rewards. For example, the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card gives you twice the amount of points you would normally receive on travel purchases. You can also get five times more points on travel purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards. The Platinum Card from American Express gives you five times the points on any airline ticket you book, and free elite status with Hilton and Marriott. Shop to see which card best suits your needs to get the best deals on the travel you’re looking to book.

Avoid group tours

It can be tempting to pay for a guided group tour because you think an expert will show you the place. However, it can be expensive and crowded. Instead, try planning your own trips with your group. Each of you can take responsibility for planning one part of the day. This way, everyone has a stake in what happens daily, and it costs less than paying a mentor.

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