A Michigan couple build a custom truck to live the life of a trucker, the country of travel

Nick Kokenos and Erica Battle’s first home together is the 2021 Ram ProMaster 3500 pickup truck.

And they wouldn’t get it any other way.

The couple, who until recently lived in Farmington Hills, fitted the van as a mobile home nearly a year ago and plan to travel to the country in it. They originally hoped to kick off Thanksgiving last year, but all good things take time.

“This is our first home together,” Kocnos said. “We didn’t want to cut corners.”

The truck is completely livable. It has a shower, toilet, exhaust fan, running water, counter, sink, storage for food and clothes, a table that can convert into the foundation of a bed, a projector, lighting, indoor heating, space for their dog, a security system and more. Kokenos and Battle built it all themselves, finishing work while living with some friends in West Bloomfield while they finished building.

Erica Battle's Nick Kokenos and Ram ProMaster travel wagon is ready to hit the road.

However, it was not an easy process. They had no experience in construction, plumbing, or electricity before diving into the project. Doing construction in Michigan came with a lot of unique challenges, too. The pair have contacted Hometown Life three times since purchasing the truck in June 2021, and they have described the weather as a challenge each time.

“We’ve been working five, sometimes six days, a week on construction,” Patel said recently. “But, the weather was allowed. So if the weather was bad, we wouldn’t be able to work in the truck.”

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