ALERT ALL ROCK LOVERS…CALLING FATE: Introducing a new cinematic rock album release

Follow nobody’s “fate”

Rich Hall, don't follow anyone

Rich Hall, don’t follow anyone

Pedro Moreno Almeida

Pedro Moreno Almeida

“Destiny”, do not follow the cover

“Destiny”, Follow Nobody – Game Changer

Presents Rive Music Video Promotion: FATE! Film rock album and new music video release from award-winning JMA Best Rock – Nobody’s Follow.

Was it fate all along, or something we made… did we screw things up? “

– Rich Hall, singer, songwriter, producer, Follow No One

Denver, Colorado, USA, May 24, 2022 / – Calling all rock fans! The award-winning rock duo: Follow No One breaks all industry standards with the release of “Fate”, a modern cinema-rock concept album that brings back the magic of rock music. It is described as a cross between Queensryche and Styx on solid rock foundations; Follow No One draws from the purest sounds of classic and quiet hard rock that defined an era, while adding its own unique twist to the genre.

Follow Nobody’s Not a Rock Bounce Group. Instead, the artists have combined the greatest elements of rock’s past with the present and combined it all into an original new take on rock that renders eye-catching guitar acts and distinctive vocal patterns. Follow No One is comprised of two industry leaders, Pedro Murino Almeida and Rich Hall. Almeida, of Portuguese origin, is a talented classically trained guitarist and composer who works in both film and video and has had success with his music business. Lead singer Hall is an American-born singer-songwriter who made his mark in the theater at a young age, but discovered his powerful melodic songs perfectly matched to rock.

The title track “Fate” takes listeners through Hall’s real-life story; Husband, father, army veteran, and company CEO, a man who seemed to have it all — rocked to his deathbed in an instant. “Fate” chronicles Hall’s journey and the music accompanies the listener through the drama and acts as a compass from one track to another. Audio scenes and flashbacks added between the tracks envelop listeners in the story and guide them along the way. Each track is driven by style and rhythm, and uses countless rock techniques, giving the album its own unique character.

Awarded Best Rock Act at the 2019 Nashville-based JMA Awards; The biggest indie music awards in the world, the hit “Nobody” continues to pave its own path, as its name suggests. This is evidenced by the newly released album, “Fate”, the hard-rock concept film album called “… 17 game-changing paths in the industry” – “Upcoming 100”. The visuals for “Fate” are gaining steady traction as video is streamed by programmers across the country from Music Network – OTT streamed on Roku and Apple TV to Video Hits TV as well as Germany on OKTV reaching millions via The Chubb Show TV. Hall also just dropped one of the most powerful and interesting rock art interviews with Nonstop Radio in Harlem, and also featured in Hype Magazine cinema-to-latest-rock-album-fate/? utm_source = The + Hype + Magazine.

Written, performed, and produced by the duo, “Destiny” is a rock-heavy album that moves through rock music and concludes with a truly epic finale. The single titled “Destiny” is a rhetorical song that urges listeners to reflect on their lives. Hall asks a question; “Was it fate all along, or something we made… Did we just screw things up?”

Follow No One invites fans, old and new, to travel with them on a musical journey, and also to join their mailing list for some free and inside music with many surprises along the journey ahead of the album’s release in May. Follow No One introduces an exciting new brand of rock music, which will span across generations.

FATE invites all lovers of rock music. With this release, it’s time to listen.

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Follow No One – Fate (Official Video)

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