ANC Highlights: DPR, Channel Boat, 2900m, Sports and Social

The Georgetown Borleith Neighborhood Advisory Committee – ANC 2E – held its monthly remote meeting on Monday, April 4th.

The commissioners welcomed the new Georgetown University student representatives: Arnav Kumar (ANC 2E08) and Cimrun Srivastava (ANC 2E04).

The Metropolitan Police Department Notable burglaries and car thefts increased, compared to last year.

Wayne Turing, Vice Mayor Health and Human Services, regarding the Mayor’s proposed fiscal year 2023 budget, before his department’s work, promoting the Interagency Council on Homelessness to launch “Homeward DC 2.0.” Talk about the focus on housing along with human services as well as the status of the camping pilot program. “We have more than enough vouchers to give to everyone who lives on the street,” he said. “The challenge is infrastructure,” housing, “the solution must include housing rental and public housing. … There are “many problems that people bring into uninhabited life.”

Brian Romanowski from Council Member Brooke Pinto office She spoke about Earth Day, April 24 activities as well as the May 21 bike ride, while talking about the redistricting task force and upcoming budget work. He said that the management of rainwater in the cemetery of Mount Zion is underway, and indicated that the funding needed to operate the cars will triple – So, “Be careful where you stand.”

Tommy Jones provided an update from Parks and Recreation Department, For Projects in the Neighborhood – Summer Camp Registration Starts Go to and where there is a “Collection of Summer Camp Opportunities”. He said he had never heard of a contractor for the Guelph Leisure Center. Commissioner Kishan Bhuta responded, “We have heard from our council member Brooke Pinto’s office, we are waiting for these projects to start. Pinto said Jelliffe has selected a contractor.” Jones replied, “We’ll go back and check. I’m going to check again. If the contractor is on board, we can get back to you.” Commissioner Elizabeth Miller said, “It sure would be nice to have a SITT team right now.” [community engagement team]. ANC Chairman Rick Murphy said, “Community members would be very upset if there was no formal process for community engagement. We want to make sure that the community heard about this and not just top-down imposition on us.” Jones replied, “We pride ourselves on trying to make sure the residents’ voice is heard.”

Jennifer Rohm, President Heritage Georgetown The council announced the christening of the new canal boat on April 28 at Lock 4 on Thomas Jefferson Street. The first rides for the public on the canal boat will begin on April 29. The Georgetown Heritage is “excited to bring back tours of the Georgetown Canal.” They will offer “educational excursions” on the new boat. There will be five rounds a day, from Wednesday to Sunday; Cost, $15. the nearby visitor center is being repaired (brickwork, resurfacing, etc.); Draft lane repairs and graffiti removal are also underway.

Chris Martin Martin Diamond Characteristics He talked about his property in Georgetown and his vision of Georgetown. Our “projects,” he said, are “reinvesting in Georgetown.” Martin, a board member for Georgetown’s Business Improvement District, said he got involved after a BID survey showed that “only 40 percent said there was anything they wanted to buy in Georgetown.” “We were thrilled to see it as our flagship,” he added, “former Georgetown theater has become Compass Coffee and we’re bringing in Maman, a casual upscale dining restaurant from New York to bring new life to this building.” Another block Martin is working on is the south side of Building 2900 of M Street NW. The Meridian group of 11 buildings continuing at 29 and M “will tell a new story on that block,” he said. “We are working on temporary art installations to revitalize and celebrate this building.”

In the meantime, the commission will protest the license application from Sports and social For a sports betting bar at their booth at 3123-3125 M St. NW in the former RiRa restaurant space. The owners said that the general concept is “Sport and social. Raise the sports bar.” It’s a “high-end sports bar and restaurant” – with sports betting on it. They have already opened one in Bethesda.

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