Arizona softball notes: Wild cats travel to Starkville (MS) early to bond and acclimatize

On Monday, the Arizona softball team went straight from Columbia, MO, to Starkville, Mississippi, on a one-and-a-half-hour charter flight instead of flying home to Tucson first before opening Friday at 9 a.m. at Super Regional in Mississippi.

The reason: To increase bonding and acclimatization to humidity in Starkville at this time of year.

“It would have been possible to go back to Tucson, train for a day or two, and then take another long ride, or stay in the humidity, in this environment, in this time zone and hang out together,” the Arizona coach said. Caitlin Lowe He said from the team hotel in Starkville on Tuesday.

“We talked about this in the middle of the season as we played a lot of games at home at the beginning of the year and didn’t get ties as a team. Now, it’s like we’re playing catch-up and we have to hang out together.”

Lowe mentioned that her team will be shooting a movie together on Tuesday night. This rarely happens throughout the season, especially if the Wildcats are in the house and away from each other.

“They just hang out with each other away from the softball court and it just got fun,” Lowe added. “I think if we traveled back to Tucson, they would all break up and then go back to the field.

“It’s kind of cute, you know? We’ll have meals together and see different cities together. I think it brings us closer and closer after last weekend, in particular.”

Karlie Scobin In her “Carlie’s Scoop” column this week, she wrote that Arizona traveled to Columbia, Missouri, “a few days” before last regional week “to acclimate to the climate, and make sure we’re prepared for the weather.”

“We also took the opportunity to do some group bonding…go to team dinners and spend more time together than usual when traveling,” she wrote.

Arizona went 3-0 in the area with an 8-3 win over Illinois on Friday and won twice in the closing Saturday and Sunday, 2-0 and 1-0, against Missouri No. 15 behind the full game. Hana Bowen And Devine netStraight.

“Whew, the humidity,” Allie Skaggs He said when asked about the early trip to Starkville. “It was very similar in Missouri to where we were training this morning at 9am, and it wasn’t even sunny, but man, we were sweating a lot. It’s sticky.

“Dirt is a little different. I like softer dirt, and I don’t know how others like it, but I think just getting used to the weather, getting used to the humidity, where the temperature isn’t 100 degrees, is kind of nice. But just acclimating I think is a good thing ( as well) not traveling the day before. It’s good to be here. You have time to rest. You have time to exercise if you want in their weight room, and things like that. I love being here early.”

Lowe: Starting from 0-8 in Pac-12 turns out to be helpful

Lowe went from being a coach in the first year and felt the weight of a legendary substitution Mike Kandrea From 0-8 in the Pac-12 to now in the Starkville Super Regional, two winners of the All-Women’s College World Series.

“We wouldn’t be sitting here (at the Super Regional) if we didn’t go 0-8 in Pac 12 (let’s start) because I think we tested like we’ve never been before. I think this has been a very difficult process for all of us this whole season,” Lowe said.

Arizona’s lineup and share had new players to count on as Super Seniors exhausted their eligibility like Dejah MolybolaAnd Malia MartinezAnd Rina KarankoAnd Jesse HarperAnd Alyssa Palomino CardozaAnd Alyssa Dunham And Maria Lopez.

“We were trying to find our way, our identity and what this new version of us looks like and not trying to be the people we are not,” Lowe added. “I think (0-8 start in Pac-12) was a wake-up call. It’s like, ‘Do we want to keep living like this or do we want to make a change?'”

Arizona finished 8-16 in the Pac-12, its lowest number of wins since joining the conference in 1986. The Wildcats weren’t sure they would keep their NCAA tournament series alive for 36 consecutive years after losing two of their three games to Stanford at the end of the regular season at Hillenbrand.

“We’re all totally excited and it’s kind of just living in the moment and enjoying where we are and taking advantage of it because a lot of the teams wish they could be where we are,” Easy Patcho She said.

Skaggs stated, “We’re enjoying everything we get now because everything now is a bonus. We didn’t know what to expect with the rest of the post-season, so we’re taking advantage of every day we get.”

Skaggs reunited with his former Kentucky high school classmate

Skaggs enrolled in Ironwood Ridge in her senior year of high school in 2019-20 – the year COVID-19 cut the season short.

Before her family moved to Tucson, she played at Louisville Ballard High School. One of her teammates was Mississippi’s first baseman Riley Hallwho played for two years with the Skaggs at Ballard before Hull moved to Somerset County (Ky.) Pulaski.

“It’s like seeing your little sister grow up,” said Skaggs, who is a year older than Hal.

Skaggs reported that when she was watching the elimination game between Mississippi and Florida State on Sunday, she was “shaking,” hoping the Bulldogs could maintain their 4-3 lead in the last two rounds to prepare for the Super Regional game with Arizona.

“I was like, ‘Pull it, Riley, pull it up please.’ She said. “As soon as I saw them win (4-3), I called my dad. I was like, ‘We’ll see Riley this weekend! I get to see her mom, hug her mom!’”

“I’m so excited. Anytime I have a connection to Kentucky and I see those people that I used to play with or play with, I get so excited. I can’t wait. I hope to start at the beginning a few times so I can talk to her a little bit, but I’m so excited.”

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