As big tech makes cloud computing headlines, NC TECH Group asks: “What next?”

search triangle garden these years State of Technology Conference from NC Tech He will focus on the next step in cloud computing, with a keynote speech from IBM Vice President of Product Management Briana Frank, who manages multiple product management teams within IBM Cloud.

According to IBM’s chief executive officer in North Carolina, Tim Humphrey, there are plenty of opportunities. Studies by IBM show that 74 percent of CEOs believe that cloud computing will be the technology most beneficial for their organization to deliver results over the next two to three years, but only 25 percent of enterprise data is in the cloud today.

Tim Humphrey of IBM.

“Enterprises have a tremendous opportunity to migrate 75 percent of mission-critical workloads to the cloud and take advantage of open source innovations,” Humphrey said. “These mission-critical workloads span large areas of IT that include traditional data centers, multiple clouds in many different locations, and multiple vendors each with unique government and regulatory requirements.”

COVID has turned into the cloud

NC TECH President and CEO Brooks Rayford said the planning committee worked to build an agenda of “relevant and timely information,” and shared how the pandemic shaped the theme of this year’s conference.

“This year, the committee unanimously wanted to focus on the cloud, as the way we do business has changed in fundamental ways, in large part due to COVID,” Rayford said. “Most businesses and organizations are switching to the cloud in one way or another.”

Humphrey also described the impact of COVID on cloud computing trends, describing many companies “going digital overnight” during the pandemic.

“They are being pressured to fundamentally rethink operations,” Humphrey said. “Many regulated industries, such as government, healthcare, and financial services, need more help to meet critical security and regulatory requirements. The hybrid cloud strategy gives all organizations the flexibility and agility they need to respond to changes in the economy, buyer behavior, geopolitical realities, and climate.”

Bill Bruno is the CEO of D4t4 solutionsHeadquartered in Cary, USA. Bruno shared his view that while cloud adoption varies across industries, adoption promises significant advantages.

“The shift to the cloud varies across our customer base and is a bit slower in financial services and other industries where there is more sensitive data and information that needs to be protected,” Bruno said. “However, the promise of the cloud is scale, cost, and automation. With the increase in container deployments, building at scale is more possible these days.”

The Cloud in North Carolina: Headlines from Big Tech

Daniel Gebrag is co-founder and CEO of Syncfusiona Morrisville-based company that has appeared in many Lists of Triangle Tweeners. Jebaraj said NC has a “confluence of talent and opportunity” for cloud computing.

“There are large organizations with thousands of employees who are already trained to use cloud computing resources,” Gbarg said.

A sneak peek into the recent headlines helps highlight why North Carolina is so focused on cloud computing growth and what might happen next.

IBMHe is also a sponsor of the NC TECH . event Its roadmap for the development of quantum-powered supercomputers This week at the IBM Think 2022 conference.

IBM unveils roadmap for developing quantum-powered supercomputers

Arvind Krishna, Chairman and CEO of IBM, said: statment About the roadmap announcement. “Our customers and partners trust IBM to deliver the innovation behind hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence, and consulting solutions that help ensure their success.”

Also at THINK, Rob Thomas, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at IBM, shared his view on how to do just that. red hat Fits the strategy.

“Red Hat is the hybrid cloud engine,” said Thomas of THINK. The ‘OpenShift’ product is the way customers can update their software to run flexibly on any cloud, public or private. We now have a managed service for Red Hat Open Shift on AWS, Microsoft Cloud, or Azure, and it is widely deployed across private organizations. Today we are the number one container platform in the world with Red Hat.”

Thomas described the hybrid cloud as “the core of strategy.”

Video: Red Hat, GM’s partner to drive the future of cars – software defined vehicles

“IBM now has a platform-centric strategy. The platform is Red Hat,” Thomas said. “This is where we build our software and this is what enables us to deliver this value proposition for hybrid cloud that goes anywhere and brings AI to applications and workloads.” Everywhere.”

in january, Citrix It was bought in a cash deal worth 16.5 billion dollars – and in statmentBob Calderoni, Citrix Chairman and Interim CEO and President, mentioned the cloud.

Calderoni said the sale to Vista and subsequent merger with TIBCO will help organizations “invest in high growth opportunities, such as DaaS, and accelerate their ongoing cloud transition.”

And just last month, the US Department of Commerce announced that Reggie Townsend, Director of the Data Ethics Practice at… sassto the National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee (NAIAC). Townsend, who has over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, will have the opportunity to advise the president and the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative office on a range of artificial intelligence issues as part of the NAIAC.

In response to the announcement of the Townsend Commission’s role, Congresswoman Deborah Ross (NC-02) expressed her congratulations, calling RTP “world leader in science and technology “driven by companies and visionaries like Reggie Townsend”.

Also last month, SAS announce A pilot project between North Carolina Collaboratory and SAS focused on predictive insights into vaccine storage freezers, with the goal of improving delivery of vaccine doses to rural and underserved communities. The partnership leverages SAS Analytics for IoT, an AI-powered, cloud-native solution.

A truly global leader.

finally, Yesterday, SAS reported global cloud revenue up 19%.

Titles like these from some of the biggest players in our region help highlight the role that cloud computing continues to play in many organizations’ strategies and future plans.

State of Technology 2022 Conference on May 12

In addition to the keynote from IBM, the event will include executive talks from Dr. Scott Ralls, President of WakeTech, and Dr. Pamela Gibson Senegal, President of Piedmont Community College.

WakeTech received a half-million National Science Foundation (NSF) grant last year To further the Cloud Infrastructure Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree program.

The event is also an advantage Six-component startup fair And countless tech talks on topics like cybersecurity, quantum computing, the edge, and hybrid cloud.

NC Tech selects six startups to present at the State of Technology event – here’s the list

“What is most exciting for NC TECH about this event is that it is a channel for sharing new information and best practices in the field,” Rayford said.

One Day Technology Conference of NC TECH It will be held on Thursday, May 12th at the Raleigh Convention Center.

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