Bird Rock Council has been told that SD and SD Visioning organic waste recycling plans are making progress

As the La Jolla Village Vision Commission’s master plan and San Diego organic waste recycling plan continue to take shape, the Rock Bird Community Council heard updates on both during its June 7.

The presentations were for information only and the community council did not vote.

master plan

The Village Vision Committee has been making tours of local planning groups in recent months to gather feedback on their street plan. The proposal aims to provide a comprehensive masterplan for public right of way, street trees, traffic relief and more in The Village and its surrounding areas.

The Village Vision Committee is a group dedicated to the La Jolla Community Planning Association of Realtors, Architects, Engineers, and others. The committee has been working on the plan for a year and a half.

La Jolla-based architect and resident Trace Wilson, a panelist, described the effort as “a panoramic view of La Jolla…from property line to property line, from Turquoise Street to UCSD and Interstate 5 to the coast.”

To create the plan, Wilson modeled entirely La Jolla for digital makeup for its streets.

The tree part of the plan, he said, was intended to connect the different streets with different trees so that each street would have a “consistent but distinct” appearance. He said the committee is studying which trees might be suitable for each street. For example, larger, more pedestrian-oriented streets can have larger, more shade-oriented trees.

The La Jolla Street landscaping, including the tree canopy, is managed by the Bird Rock Conservation Assessment District.

While the scheme along La Jolla Street in Bird Rock is inspired by roundabouts and traffic calming to reduce speed and increase safety, Prospect Street in the village “is one of our main streets, so [part of the plan is] Create a street tree style different from the rest… and look at the roundabout in front of the museum [of Contemporary Art] To create a safer, quieter, pedestrian friendly, and beautiful environment within the cultural district in general. “

He said Pearl Street in The Village was “in dire need of facelift” and pedestrian improvements and traffic calming measures.

There are certain stages that are being reviewed by city engineers, and then the committee will follow up on funding for safety improvements, said Community Planning Association President Diane Keane.

“We’re trying to think holistically across the entire community,” she said. “We’re looking at different styles of travel, making sidewalks more comfortable by making them wider, making them dining and other gathering places and moving our right into the 21st century.”

John Newsam, chair of the BRCC, called the effort “really exciting” and said he’d like “the growing canopy as part of the plan.”

organic waste recycling

City recycler Polina Osipova discussed the ongoing launch of San Diego’s organic waste recycling program, which aims to keep organic waste such as food scraps out of area landfills, releasing methane as they decompose. Methane is a potent short-term climate pollutant.

The graph shows what is defined as organic waste under the organic waste recycling program under development in San Diego.

(Courtesy of the City of San Diego)

The program — pushed by state Senate Bill 1383, which went into effect this year — affects all types of real estate, including residential, commercial, government, schools and more. Through the program, an additional trash container will be provided to collect food scraps, soiled paper, yard trimmings, and wood scraps that make up organic waste. It will be collected by city workers and made into compost.

The date for the start of collections in the residences has not been announced. Currently, only “tier 1” businesses, such as grocery stores of 10,000 square feet or more, must participate.

“The changes coming from SB 1383 are a very big shift away from the way we actually do things, which is why the timeline for when the program will still be rolled out in the homes the city serves,” Osipova said.

She said the city is working on an implementation plan that will detail the new housing assembly process.

I agreed to return to subsequent meetings with the approaching housing offering. To find out more, visit

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