Blis Technologies highlights the respiratory health benefits of its oral probiotic

The three independent studies, compiled in a white paper published by New Zealand-based oral probiotics company Blis Technologies Ltd., provide evidence that the strain can reduce the frequency and duration of respiratory illness.

“We always say the mouth is the door to the body, and these studies help confirm the role the oral microbiome plays in our overall health and immunity.”​ said John Hale, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer at Blis Technologies.

Little Bacterial “Bullets”

Developed by scientists at the University of Otago, New Zealand, BLIS K12 is a specific proprietary strain of Streptococcus salivarius (S. salivarius)first isolated from the mouth of a healthy child.

The commensal bacterium secretes powerful antimicrobial molecules that the company describes as “tiny bacterial ‘bullets’ that inhibit bad bacteria”. These are called bacteriocin-like inhibitory substances, or simply BLIS.

“Daily consumption of BLIS K12 helps ward off bad bacteria, optimizing your body’s natural ability to defend itself against airborne germs and potential threats.”Hale explained.

Blis Technologies introduced the strain as a key ingredient in its ThroatHealth lozenges in 2002, clinically proven to reduce the recurrence of throat infections and tonsillitis by up to 90%. Since then, the company has established itself as a leader in oral probiotic health, adding two more proprietary strains – BLIS M18 for dental health and BLIS Q24 for skin health.

What does the white paper say?

The first study, developed by researchers in Italy, examined the occurrence of Covid-19 in school-age children. The randomized controlled trial administered a 90-day treatment to 128 participants and found that none of the 64 children taking BLIS K12 tested positive for Covid-19 compared to a 38% positivity rate in the non-treated group. took probiotics.

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