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Houghton – Park River-Harris quarterback Mackenzie Hoffmeyer had two chances to stand on the top of the podium here Tuesday, winning the girls’ 60 and 200-meter strokes at the Michigan Tech Kewineau Classic track meet.

The sophomore sprinter clocked in 8.66 and 29.03 seconds, respectively, in the Broncos’ season debut at the MTU Student Development Complex.

“I was really nervous at first,” She said. “After 60, I felt more comfortable. I was in lane 5 in the year 200. I knew I had to get out fast. It was very important to get this.”

Junior Hazel Conklin won her qualifying and finished fourth in a total of 60 hurdles (11.45), and the Broncos finished fifth in the 3200 relay (12:11.2).

“It was great to see McKenzie win the 60 and 200 races, and Hazel had such a great time,” BR-H coach Jason Lockwood said. “This is the first year we have been able to use 3200 relay teams. What I am most proud of is that they took one minute off their previous training. That was a very good start to the day.”

BR-H Junior Vincent Martin also took the podium by finishing third in the boys’ ladder #60 (7.68) before adding fifth in the 200 (26.52).

The Broncos remain dormant until April 21 when they visit Kingsford.

Stevenson Juniors Spencer Coldrin and Griffin Brown put 1-2 in the 400 at 56.55 and 56.72. The Eagles also took the relay 1600 (3:56.1).

Dollar Bay senior Nick Thomas took the 800 (2:08.9) and 1600 (4:37.8), beating Houghton Senior Eric Weiss by 0.01sec. The Blue Bulls also won the 3200 relay race (9:35.3).

“It was very important to introduce this,” Hutton coach Eric Johnson said. “With 44 players on the team, any open meeting you can go into is fine. This gave us an opportunity to compete with schools that we don’t often see.”

Landon Sondelius, a West Iron County senior, won the 60 hurdles (10.07).

Houghton, Ingrid Seegren, girls scooped 800 (2:37.6). Young teammate Claire Philbus captured the 1600 (5:56.7), and Gremlins won the 3200 relay (10:26.7).

The Negaunee girls dominated the shot, led by draw winner Alyssa Hill 35 feet seven inches. Junior Eliana Guchemich was second (31-7 1/2), and Natalie Bell was fourth (30-5).

“We appreciate the opportunity we had to throw the ball,” Negaunee coach Vicki Paupore said. “I think that is one area where we will be strong. We are happy to take second place in the 3200 relay. We had a great time (10:28.7). It was good for our young children to have this experience.”

Lake Linden-Hubbell freshman scored 60 hits (10.77), followed by freshman Emily Jokella (11.29).

Ontonagon escaped with a succession of 1600 in 4:43.8, followed by Stevenson (4:53.8) and Nigoni (4:54.4).

“We were very nervous before the race but we got a good effort from everyone,” said little Makena Utila, who anchored this relay. “Our deliveries went very smoothly, and we had some good times in the first meet. I think we are going to have a very exciting year.”

West Iron’s second freshman earned a 400 (1:02.5), just over two seconds ahead of L’Anse Senior Kyra Sipe.


60-1, Matuswick, Iod, 7.52; 2, Nelson, NJ; 3, Martin, B.R.-H.

200-1, Lapin, Ont., 25.4; Nelson, Nig; 3, Lakar, Nej.

400 – 1, Coldrin, S., 56.55; 2, Brown, S; 3, Hamlin, ho.

800-1, Thomas, DB, 2:08.9; 2, Norland, D. B.; 3, Larson, PJ.

1600-1, Thomas, DB, 4:37.8; 2 Weiss, Ho; 3, Hill, is.

60 Hurdles-1, Sundalius, WIC, 10.07; 2, Kangas, NJ; 3, Straczynski, S.;

Relay 1600 – 1, Stevenson, 3:56.1; 2, dollar bay; 3, Negaunee.

Relay 3200 – 1, Dollar Bay, 9:35.3; 2, Lake Linden Hubble; 3, Ironwood.

Shot put – 1, Bridges, PJ, 43-0; 2, Ostermayr, L; 3, Spackerman, NJ.


60-1, M. Hofmeyer, BR-H, 8.66; 2, Sipe, L; 3, Hendrickson, bar.

200-1, m. Hofmeyer, B.R.-H, 29.03; 2, Sipe, L; 3, Hendrickson, bar.

400 – 1, D. Shamion, WiC, 1: 02.5; 2, Sipe, L; 3, Kero, Han.

800-1, Seegren, HO, 2:37.6; 2, UTella, Ont.; 3, a. Smith, Iwd.

1600-1, Filpus, Hou, 5:56.7; 2, Ross, He; 3, a. Smith, Iwd.

60 hurdles – 1, Codere, LL-H; 2, Jokela, L.L.-H; 3, Seppala, Nig.

Relay 1600 – 1, Ontonagon, 4: 43.8; 2, Stephenson; 3, Negaunee.

3200-1 relay, Houghton, 10:26.7; 2, Negaunee; 3, Hancock.

Shot put – 1, Hill, Neige, 35-7; 2, Yukimish, Nej; 3, Jet, Pace.

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