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Staff file photo/Sophie Hawk slides from Brian Yoger Brookfield (11) to third base during last season’s championship game against Lordstown. Hawk is one of the Warriors’ returning players this season and is preparing for another strong year.

BROOKFIELD – The weather has hit some teams more than others. It’s the point where for some teams, just hitting the field is winning.

Brookfield is one of those teams that has had some luck getting back on the field. However, on the bright side, when I got to the field, the team had a hit.

With only two games over, the Warriors won 2-0 with a 6-5 win over Hickory (Penn) and a 13-7 win over Liberty. With the weather back up again, Brookfield won’t play again until Monday when it hosts Crestview. Six days passed between each match, which meant it was hard to get into a rhythm.

Coach Dave Degoy hopes so The third startup For the team, it is the real start of the season.

The sluggish start to the year has put the Warriors in a difficult position, a place many teams across the region are facing. It was very hard to beat. Start and stop weighed heavily on Brookfield’s rackets, who saw very few live balls in their path.

“We’re still working on a bit,” DeJoy said. “It’s tough, and everyone is in the same situation because of the weather, but we are unable to get into any rhythm or really find a groove with our throw, and our field strikes. For the hit to be successful, I feel that the more live view you can see, the more accurate and consistency of multiplication.”

On the bright side, the Warriors are getting plenty of talent back from last year’s squad that made it to the final round.

Junior Miranda Nicholson is back on the Brookfield circuit with another year of experience under her belt. Nicholson was the team’s starter last season, attracting 114 hitters and surrendering 49 runs (33 won).

Other spots are in the air right now. Nicholson was the only bowler in the spin with any college experience, so Brookfield was using downtime to see who was a good fit to complete the Warriors spin.

“Actually, this downtime has worked in our favour a little bit with some of these girls,” DeJoy said. “Because we can hone those mechanics and keep refining them a little bit. Early on, I would move them around on the field, trying to figure out exactly what we wanted in the tournament.”

She also returned to the small team, Sophia Hawk. Hawk was the team’s main hitter, averaging 507 hits on 75 hits. Like last season, she will be tapped as a third baseman and shorter when playing on the field.

The weather has been an obstacle, but it has made DeJoy do things more creatively this year. Instead of non-stop indoor drills, one day the team was forced inside, Brookfield played kickball instead.

‘We’re trying to break it up’ DeJoy said of the monotony of his daily gym practices. “One day we put all the training equipment away and said to them, ‘We’re playing football today.’ It was April 1st and they thought I was pulling an April Fool’s joke on them, but we picked the teams and played kickball for 90 minutes and enjoyed ourselves.

“We’re just trying to do little things like that to mix it up and work in some team bonding.”

Due to rain, the Warriors non-periodic schedule has been wiped out. Outside of a Hickory game that has already been played, the only other game out of the league on the schedule will be against Chalker on May 5.

Fortunately for Brookfield, their league roster is more than enough to prepare them for the tournament in front of them. With Crestview, Garfield, LaBrae, and of course Champion all on the schedule, there’s no shortage of auditions ahead.

The first pitch for Monday’s game against the Rebels is set for 5 p.m.

Expect everyone’s schedules to start condensing this coming week.

DeJoy joked that they will go from playing not enough games per week to playing too many games per week like the flick of a switch.

“It would be great to have a break in the weather here and play two games a week here,” DeJoy said. “I’m sure everyone will go from saying we don’t play at all to playing a lot of games a week, but hopefully the weather will change and we can get on the right track. Not just for Brookfield, but definitely for all the schools. Everyone is excited to get out there and play the game. that they enjoy and train them for the game they enjoy.

“We’re looking forward to competing, looking forward to going out there and enjoying ourselves and trying to do something we haven’t done before and winning the district title this year.”

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