Capital One adds an exciting new 10X partner to its travel booking platform

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Capital One Travel continues to impress.

Price protection on flights, easy ‘no-hassle’ cancellation options and up to 10x on bookings were a great start, but access to the platform more broadly and the new Turo partnership take this travel experience to exciting new heights.

Here’s everything that’s changing with Capital One Travel, and details of this exciting new travel partnership that might make renting a car fun, for a change!

Capital One Travel expands card member access

First, many more Capital One credit card members now have access to Capital One Travel. This includes industry-first great features and protection for flight booking.

Capital One’s revolutionary travel booking platform was previously only available to Venture, Venture X and Spark cardholders, but a new benefits expansion gives access to Savor, Quicksilver, Spark Cash and Student cards as well. that’s sweet.

If you have any of the above, it is definitely worth giving the platform a spin. Low rate protection and well-priced, no-hassle cancellation options completely transform confidence in your booking experience. And trust is the key, right?

Cardmembers who have been earning cash with any of these Extended Cards can transfer their money back in a 1:1 ratio toward travel with Capital One Travel. If you have $100 cashback, that’s fine for $100 off a flight.

Turo’s new partnership with up to 10 times profit

So, what is Turo? It’s a new development in car rental – a place that definitely needs a change.

Turo has become Airbnb or rental cars, allowing people to participate but with vital protection and a user experience to make that less painful than it could be. Now, there are 10x reasons to try it out.

Capital One Venture X cardholders can now earn 10X when they use their card to book a car rental through Turo, via the Turo app or website. All Capital One Venture members will enjoy 5x earning. The partnership will run until at least May 16, 2023.

There is a 75,000 Points Bonus on Capital One Venture now.

75,000 reward points for the Capital One project

Capital One Venture lacks some of the dazzling travel benefits of the Venture X, but it has become one of the most compelling $95 a year travel cards on the market.

The perks outweigh the fees, and the win double on everything – plus the new 5X earning options – makes it a very valuable card. If you entered 75,000 welcome points for the current limited time after spending only $4,000 in 3 months, you have a better reason to start.

If you plan to travel a lot this year, the Venture X is really worth considering, and also carries an early spend bonus of 75,000 points. The premium card brings over $400 in easy annual benefits, with $395 in annual fees.

If you use airport lounges or spend on airline tickets, hotels, and rental cars, you can do a much better job with returning.

Capital one continues to add value

Everything is going to the US premium credit card market now. Is this a bad thing? No, this is definitely not the case.

Amex, Citi, Chase and Capital One continue to flex their muscles in their travel partnership, and now Brex is coming in fast, too.

But Capital One, with its clever new booking platform, appears to be doing better than most. New partners are added regularly, and any partner who earns 10x is cause for celebration. More Cardmembers having access to the goodies is a big positive too, with expanded access. Sometimes, more is more.

It’s a great time to add a Venture or Venture X card to your wallet. GSTP would argue that either card offers one of the most rewarding flight booking opportunities of any travel platform in the world today. This is not easy.

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