Caught between a rock and a hard place, Biden must do the unthinkable

President Joe Biden and his administration have been grappling with an internal dilemma for months. With inflation and gas prices being among the top issues of concern to voters, there is an urgent need to show voters that they care about this issue and do everything in their power to thwart the problem. Biden’s approval ratings are historically poor, and much of that is attributed to these issues. The administration is aware of the inconvenient truth that there is almost nothing Biden can do to combat inflation and rising gas prices. They unfortunately tried what they could, by releasing oil reserves for example, but there really is no implementation solution, and any temporary attempts to solve the problem will simply have worse consequences.

This leaves Biden with two options, both horrific. First, he can admit that there is practically nothing he can do to reverse what are already global issues. Or, at the risk of appearing indifferent, Biden could continue to argue that he can and will bring down gas prices and inflation. Biden should choose first.

It is never a good idea to give the American public a false sense of security, nor mislead them about one’s abilities, especially given Biden’s promise to be upfront with the American people. Instead, he has to explain to the audience how high gas prices, along with inflation, are global issues. For example, the UK is experiencing its highest inflation in 40 years. Explain that the brunt of the problems is the result of the pandemic (which has damaged supply chains), Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the insistence of oil majors to maximize profits and increase demand for oil and other commodities as the pandemic subsides.

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