Charli XCX, Go-Go’s, Soft Cell, Corey Hart Rock upside down to announce the return of ‘Stranger Things’

The Greatest Music Festival of the ’80s That Didn’t Happen in Hawkins, Indiana, Will Be Held Upside Down Heralds a Comeback Weird things For the fourth season. Go-Go’s, Soft Cell, Corey Hart, and special guest, pop maker Charli XCX will take to the stage in a creepy alternate universe for a one-night virtual party on June 23.

A fan of both the series and the decade’s music, Charlie says she was immediately opposed to the performance and the accompanying storyline. As the legend goes, in 1986, a tour bus bound for Doritos Music Fest ’86 crashed near Hawkins and the musicians immersed themselves in another dimension, never performing their show…until now. While there, they found Charlie and invited her to join them.

“My new man Crashes It was heavily inspired by a lot of ’80s aesthetics, so when I heard about the whole concept of Doritos 86 and the fact that some very special ’80s artists would be participating as well, I was like, ‘Yeah,'” she says.

The concert was filmed on the actual set of Netflix

Show, which returns on May 27, was another addition. “It was a really great experience filming it there, because you really feel like you are there,” she says. “There were things falling from the sky, a lot of bushes. It’s a unique and interesting performance. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

The artist will perform one song from Crashes, It joined one of the song’s headlines, though it keeps the details as a surprise to those who follow the songs.

As with everything in the Upside Down, the way fans experience “Live From the Upside Down” is unconventional in this clever collaboration. Concert tickets can only be obtained by purchasing a bag of Doritos or the limited-edition Doritos Crunch 3D snacks. Weird things Packaging or go to to book a ticket. A limited number of “golden” tickets are also hidden in bags containing 3 Cheese, Spicy Ranch and Chili Cheese Nacho 3 D Crunch. Lucky snackers will each receive an official replica of the guitar on display next season.

Doritos and Netflix Weird things This is the year the original Doritos Cool Ranch flavor hit the market, and this year is the current year,” said Kayo Correa, Senior Marketing Director, Frito Lay North America. Weird things Happen or occur “.

“Partnering with Doritos on Stranger Things has been a breeze for us,” said Magno Herran, director of marketing partnerships for Netflix. “We’re always looking for ways to give back to our fans and drive conversations in the real world, and Doritos is a daring partner to the brand who was willing to head to Upside Down, take on a Demogorgon or two, and bring some of the best music of the ’80s to fans in a truly unexpected way.”

Other artists are equally enthusiastic.

Weird things Well thought out, it’s a love of ’80s nostalgia and culture. This is not just a horror story of the past, it contains everything from horror, science fiction, teen anxiety, drama and intrigue. It covers a lot of genres pretty well, so whoever can’t—or won’t—love it,” says Mark Almond of Softcell.

“When I was asked to do this, my niece and nephews pressed on me, and they were so excited. I think the fans will know what song I’m going to do but with a great twist.”

Hart is also a fan. “Weird things It’s got something for everyone – great staff, character development, comedy, drama, suspenseful celebrity, and ’80s music isn’t shabby either, says the artist, who is his first virtual show.

“I’ve never been to a virtual concert before, so my very first introduction from the perilous Stranger Things is a great way to start. I’m looking forward to seeing if the ravenous Demogorgons are more rabid music fans than those of the human variety” .

As to whether he has plans to return to the stage, above ground, any time soon, Hart comes up with an idea. “Well… I haven’t planned anything yet, but maybe Doritos and Netflix had the right idea when they dreamed that the four of us were dreaming together?! US Tour 2023?”

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