Chris Rock’s hosting of the 2023 Oscars is a rumor that smells of despair

It was just a moment in time at the 2022 Academy Awards, but it could shape the 2023 Academy Awards. Chris Rock joked about Jada Pinkett Smith’s baldness. Will Smith laughed at first, but then shrugged, walking on stage and slapping Rock in the most shocking event in Oscars history. If the rumors are true, ABC, which will broadcast the 2023 Academy Awards, is considering bringing Rock back to the stage as host. It’s just a rumor and it smells of despair.

Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars | Seeb/AMPAS via Getty Images

The 2022 Oscars showed improved ratings for ABC before slap Smith

The Academy Awards had ratings success before the famous Rock Smith incident made headlines. It’s not an apples-and-apples comparison, but the 2022 Academy Awards were a lot better than the 2021 Oscars for ABC.

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