Chris Sharma, one of the best rock climbers of all time

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This Chris Sharma biography is part of climbing The Who’s Who is an ongoing biographical study of climbing greats throughout the ages, their accomplishments, and, in the case of Aleister Crowley and Leni Rienfenstahl, the most famous and infamous. See the links below for more.

Chris Sharma (April 23, 1981) American climber is considered to be among the most talented and influential rock climbers of all time. Sharma is primarily known for his challenging sport and rock climbing, although he has also had a successful career in competition, notably winning the Nationals of the American Bowling (in the Senior/Open category) at the age of 14.

Sharma was the first climber to climb the 5.15a graded unanimously (Biography / Cognition) and the first to send 5.15b)Jumbo Love). In addition, he was the second person to climb 5.15 °C (Difficult) after Adam Ondra, who charted the road with him. Sharma is also a pioneer in deep-water solo climbing (psicobloc), known for his modesty and “reflective” approach to climbing.

For the better part of two decades, Sharma has been the penultimate figure in rock climbing, not only in the United States, but in the entire world.

Chris Sharma on the classic “King Lines”, the Real Rock Movie Tour.

previous life

Born in Santa Cruz, California, Sharma was raised by the devotees of Indian Ashtanga yoga master Baba Hari Das. His parents, Bob and Geeta Jan, adopted the surname Sharma when they got married.

Sharma began climbing at the age of 12, after visiting the Pacific Edge climbing gym with his mother. By the age of 14, he had entered the national spotlight, beating all adult competitors to win the US Open at the Bowling Nationals in 1996. The following year, he sent off the toughest climb in North America, A necessary evil (5.14 c), in Virgin River Gorge. He later moved to Bishop, California to focus on climbing full time. There, at the age of 18, he climbed mandala (V12), a problem that has since become a world-famous hard rock test.

Sharma won a number of competitions during the late 1990s and early 2000s, including a gold medalist in Boulding at the 1999 X Games, as well as first place in the IFSC Munich Bouldering World Cup (2001) and American Bouldering Series Nationals (2004). ).

Chris Sharma: Climb for Life

Personal Biography And pay 5.15 degrees

In 2001, Sharma achieved her first ascent on the streak Personal Biography (5.15 a)And the In Seyuz, France at the age of twenty. While the line was pulled and named by Jean-Christophe Lavalle in 1989, and the first half was edited by Arno Petti in 1996, Sharma was the first to release the full 115 feet. way, christening realization. (By American standards at the time, it was the first ascent, not the climber who pulled out of the line, who fired onto the road.)

Sharma didn’t set the path himself, but Biography / Cognition It eventually became the world’s first 5.15a consensus grader. (However, the 1996 rise of Alexander Huber in in the fresh air, It was then considered a 5.14d route but was reclassified by Adam Ondra in 2008 as 5.15a, arguably having the address of the first true transmission 5.15).

Over the following years, Sharma laid out over 5.15 tracks and became the first person to return the point 5.15b, with Jumbo Love At Mount Clark in the Mojave Desert. He also placed several solid rocks, such as wild exercise (V15) in Magic Wood, Switzerland, and Witness fitness (verse 15) in the Ozarks. So far, Sharma has made over a dozen initial 5.15a and harder hikes. He also repeated the first of Difficult (5.15 c) in Uliana, Spain, after the rise of Adam Ondra, with whom Sharma had been working. The 160-foot-high limestone road was the world’s first 5.15°C.

“Chris Sharma works the Dreamcatcher, before sending it off several weeks later, in July 2005 during Petzl RocTrip, Squamish, BC. Photography by Luke Laiser”

Deep Water Solo

In addition to his grueling sport and the boulders he dispatches, Sharma is best known for pioneering the single-discipline Deep Water (DWS), in which climbers climb unprotected routes over bodies of water and best land safely in the water in the event of a fall.

While starting singles play in the deep waters of Mallorca in the late 1970s, Sharma pushed the sport to a new level with his 2006 sending of the S Pontas (5.15a), ascending down the bottom of a stunning natural rocky arc over the ocean. The road was the toughest DWS road in the world at that time.

Sharma has also completed Alasha (5.15b) in 2016, again the hardest road in the history of the major. He also hosted (and won) the world’s first DWS competition, the Psicobloc Masters Series, in Bilbao Spain, in 2010, and has remained a prominent deepwater soloist in the years since.

Why Chris Sharma Never Goes Crazy (OK, Maybe a Little Bit Sometimes)

Gym Ownership, Marriage, and Afterlife

Sharma is the founder of Sender One Rock Climbing Club, in Santa Ana, California, which he opened in 2013 in partnership with Walltopia, one of his sponsors. In 2015, he opened a second gym, Sharma Climbing BCN, in Barcelona, ​​and in 2021 he opened a third gym, Sharma Climbing Gava, on the outskirts of Barcelona.

In August 2015, he married his fiancée Jimena Alarcón. The couple previously lived in Uliana, Spain, but now have a home in Barcelona. They welcomed their first child, Alana, in 2016.

marked climb

  • A necessary evil (5.14c), Virgin River Gorge, Utah. First Ascent (1997).
  • mandala (verse 12), Bishop, Calif. First Ascent (2000).
  • Perception / Biography (5.15a), Seyuz, France. The world’s first 5.15a ascent (2001).
  • Witness fitness (V15), Ozarks, Arkansas. First Ascent (2004).
  • wild exercise (V15), Magic Wood, Switzerland. First Ascent (2005).
  • S Pontas (5.15a), Mallorca, Spain. World’s first rise of DWS 5.15a (2007).
  • It has no implied meaning (5.15a), Uliana, Spain. First Ascent (2008).
  • Jumbo Love (5.15b), Mojave National Preserve, California. The world’s first 5.15b ascent (2008).
  • coup (5.15b), Ciorana, Spain. First Ascent (2008).
  • dementia dementia (5.15a), Margalv, Spain. First Ascent (2009).
  • Neanderthals (5.15b), Santa Linea, Spain. First Ascent (2009).
  • Pachamama (5.15a), Uliana, Spain. First Ascent (2009).
  • First Lay (5.15a), Margalv, Spain. First Ascent (2010).
  • Power adapter (5.15a), Uliana, Spain. First Ascent (2010).
  • catch the snow (5.15a), Santa Linea, Spain. First Ascent (2011).
  • 1st minute 1st round (5.15b), Margalv, Spain. First Ascent (2011).
  • fight or flight (5.15b), Uliana, Spain. First Ascent (2011).
  • stoke the fire (5.15b), Santa Linea, Spain. First Ascent (2013).
  • Difficult (5.15 c), Uliana, Spain. The Second Rise (2013).
  • good fight (5.15b/c), Barcelona, ​​Spain. First Ascent (2015).
  • Catalan watch fitness (V14), Barcelona, ​​Spain. First Ascent (2016).
  • Alasha (5.15b), Mallorca, Spain. The world’s first 5.15b DWS rise (2016).

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