Codewords and acronyms tech professionals use to describe you.

I used to be at tech support. It is a difficult, frustrating and often futile task that tests the limits of your patience. But it can also be fun when you fix what seems impossible to the user.

Some technical issues have simple fixes that you can try on your own. Tap or click here for five easy solutions to everyday tech problems.

Like most professionals, IT professionals have their own language. Here are 10 insider words you might hear describing you:


The IT professional fully understands smartphones, computers, networks, tablets, routers, Wi-Fi, operating systems, firewalls, Bluetooth, accessories, updates, security, and many additional devices and technologies.

If an IT professional in front of you says, “I’d like to help, but it’s an EEOC issue,” they’re secretly making fun of you. And they think you’ll never be able to use any device you contacted them about.

EEOC is an acronym for Equipment Beyond Operator Capabilities.

2. This

This verbal short code is similar to EEOC but stands for “Equipment Smarter Than Operator”.

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