Color Health announces a new behavioral health solution for public and population health

New acquisition and product expansion will support end-to-end needs to reach, verify and connect more people with care faster

BURLINGAME, CA., October 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Color Health today announced a new behavioral health solution and the acquisition of Mood Lifters, a leading group mental health company, to expand access to mental health care for public and population health organizations. With these new services, Color is helping public health departments, school districts and others concerned with population health deliver behavioral and mental health care at scale and to those in need.

“Challenges in accessing behavioral health stem from supply shortages that can be remedied by rethinking the logistics around health care delivery—something Color has been doing since our founding nine years ago,” said Color CEO Othman Laraki. “Through our experience building high-impact federal, state and local public and population health programs, we know that providing access to care in the context of how people live their daily lives is key to creating effective care delivery programs.’

More than 50% of people who need mental health care do not receive it, with an even higher rate of unmet need for racial and ethnic minorities. The average time between the onset of a patient’s symptoms and their first treatment is now 11 years. These gaps in care are created and exacerbated by shortages of skilled providers and access challenges, including cost and logistical barriers. Color’s behavioral health solution creates timely access to behavioral health screenings and counseling, embeds access points and care resources directly into neighborhoods and community spaces, is networked with leading Medicaid and Medicare plans in all 50 states, and provides multilingual, culturally appropriate care.

Color also acquired Mood Lifters, a clinically validated group mental health program designed to improve outcomes among adults and youth facing stress, difficult life situations, depression and anxiety. Mood Lifters uses an evidence-based treatment paradigm developed by Dr. Patricia Deldin and others Cecilia Vota at University of Michigan. Most importantly, the groups are led by participants who have completed the course themselves, enabling a sustainable source of new coaches at significantly lower costs than individual teletherapy.

Color’s behavioral and mental health solution supports the end-to-end needs to reach, screen and connect more people to care faster and more efficiently through their health departments, school districts and managed care organizations, informed by extensive experience of Color with federal, state, and local governments, as well as K-12 school districts. The solution is designed specifically to help organizations such as public health departments and schools by:

  • Enabling more efficient screening: This flexible solution integrates with other projections, including community sites, and enables organizations to catalog, manage, and continually update local and community resources, as well as connect individuals with those resources for more acute or additional care needs.
  • Providing high availability access to clinicians, therapists and coaches: Color’s online approach enables access to community tools and escalation of acute needs within 48 hours. The network of community sites and partners—including coaches, therapists, and licensed psychiatrists—is built to scale and adapt to the needs of each community.
  • Using a group approach for mental health: Color provides a cost-effective and community-based model of peer-based mental health built on the clinically validated Mood Lifters platform. This non-clinical support for individuals of all ages has been scientifically proven to improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, including a nearly 50% reduction in symptoms among participants with moderate to severe anxiety and depression.
  • Prioritizing sustainability: Color provides billing infrastructure to enrolling insurance and credentialing providers (including state Medicare and Medicaid plans), billing management and support for large programs, increasing effective capacity.
  • Building public health and underserved populations: Color’s solution can be integrated into existing community resources, is HIPAA compliant, supports multiple languages ​​and is accessible online and offline, and integrates clinical and non-clinical networks representing culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds. With community outreach and support, organizations can quickly set up community sites in schools, libraries, post offices, and other public spaces.

“At Mood Lifters, we’ve built a program that reduces the personal and economic burden of stress, depression and anxiety,” said Dr. Patricia Deldin, co-founder and CEO of Mood Lifters. “Now, with Color, we will be able to realize our shared dream of providing easily accessible, high-quality, effective, low-cost, evidence-based care to those who really need it, wherever they are and whatever their means.” “

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Color is an end-to-end healthcare delivery platform, providing the technology, infrastructure and logistics needed to scale large-scale healthcare initiatives across populations. Color works with businesses, government agencies, schools and communities to provide equitable and affordable health services. Color supports access for traditionally underserved communities and removes barriers to accessing care, such as having to make an appointment or provide a home address to receive care. By working with public health and community leaders, our model enables screening, counseling and life-saving treatment to be available to more people, wherever they are. For more information about color, visit

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