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The University of Utah’s West Valley Campus Building Initiative is a new model for how a leading research institution can support and collaborate with communities for positive societal impact. And we want your help in identifying opportunities and partnerships that can provide even greater positive impact for the West Valley and surrounding communities.

The U West Valley project, which began in 2021 with plans to build a world-class hospital and ambulatory health center, has evolved to include an academic campus, workforce development programs and economic development strategies — all designed to build on existing community assets and contribute to the wellbeing, prosperity and vibrancy of the West Valley region. Please complete a short survey and help the team identify opportunities and partnerships that can lead to even greater positive impact for the West Valley.


The success of this ambitious initiative depends on two critical elements: campus collaboration and community partnerships. Anna Carpenter, senior director of presidential initiatives, manages the U West Valley cross-campus task force and says leaders at the University of Utah are fully embracing this new model.

“Many of our health and education leaders describe this as the most important work they will do in their careers,” says Carpenter, who is also a law professor at the U. “But for the project to be truly impactful, we need ongoing input and support from faculty, staff and administrators across campus.”

Strong community partnerships are also essential and serve as a cornerstone of the initiative. The U West Valley team draws on two decades of rich community engagement work from University Neighborhood Partners to build a shared future with West Valley residents. With UNP’s help, the team has already held more than 100 formal meetings with community members over the past year. And the work has just begun.

“Our goals for U West Valley are bold and will require us to transform as a campus and show ourselves in new and different ways with communities we traditionally haven’t served as well as we should,” said President Taylor Randall. “We bring together the strength of health and education, the knowledge and assets of the West Valley communities, and a commitment to measurement and accountability for results. With these ingredients, we can create an unparalleled and sustainable impact on society.”

The key elements of the U West Valley initiative are:

  • A hospital and outpatient health center that offers world-class, culturally responsive care. Expected to break ground in the summer of 2024 with an opening in 2027.
  • New population health models designed to improve overall health outcomes.
  • An academic campus and programs that support students in their education and careers.
  • Workforce development, health science education and career pathways with comprehensive support and services.
  • Economic development strategies aimed at building local prosperity and vitality.
  • Innovative funding to scale up research-based interventions and greater investment in community-based research.

The work to improve health, increase educational opportunities and measure impact has already begun – all in partnership with the people and communities of the West Valley. Now is the time for our University of Utah community to get involved.

Please take it survey provided here and help the team identify opportunities and partnerships that can lead to even greater positive impact for the West Valley.

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