Connecticut cult favorite rock band, Nippas release fifth album ‘Sunshine Hotel’

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ASHEVILLE, NC, USA, June 14, 2022 / – Connecticut rock band The Neybas (pronounced “nay-bahz”), a Northeastern US favorite for decades, have released their fifth album, Hotel Sun Shane”. The album’s range of action-packed songs spans multiple genres – from traditional rock and punkafunkadelic, to ska and reggae, with a dash of Caribbean, New Orleans and canyon jams. The lyrics provide snapshots of people working, meeting, loving and staying at the Sunshine Hotel.

Nibas music is organic, lively, and danceable, with vibes and echoes of the late ’60s and early ’70s. They have won numerous reader polls including “Best Original Music” and “Best Live Performance”, among others. Over the years, Neybas has played live shows with Georgia Satellites, Joan Osborne, Great White, Felix Cavaliere of The Rascals, Ratt, Everything, Poison, Universal Honey, and Rick Derringer, to name a few.

Featuring original members Kevin “English” Bornstein (bass/vocals), Nicholas “Todd” Eckert (guitar/vocals), Ross “Scull” Weish (guitar/vocals) and longtime drummer Emmet Hale, added keyboardist and town ‘neybahood’ friend Greg Marshall in 2019 to complete the outfit.

“Party, dance, rock and roll. That’s exactly what the Nippas family provides.” – MTV Online

During the pandemic, guitarist/singer/songwriter Ross Wachs wanted to hear new music that brought back the positive vibes of cheerful rock and roll coming off the radios of the early 1970s. He hadn’t heard any description that fit that description, so he decided to write his own.

The “Sunshine Hotel” concept has its origins in 2019, when the band was working on their previous album, “Flow.” Russ Waesche was looking for album cover photos and came across a photo taken by a friend of the Sunshine Hotel, a splayed house in the Bowery section of New York City. While the photo wouldn’t work with “Flow’s” watery theme, it did give Waesche the idea for a follow-up album with grooves and bright, upbeat themes. Two years into the grim pandemic, the time seemed increasingly right.

Waesche and Richard Serviss, the album cover art photographer, had been associated years before with the authors and poets of Beat, 1970’s New York punk culture, photography, and a shared love for Lou Reed, among other things. One of the first songs penned for the album, “At the Sunshine Hotel,” gives a nod to Lou Reed by naming the characters Jack and Jane (remember Sweet Jane?).

During the lockdown, Waesche and fellow singer/guitarist Toad Eckert were sidelined due to injuries that made it extremely painful and difficult for either of them to play guitar. Waesche, who had largely lost the use of his right hand, found that not having a guitar in his hand made songwriting nearly impossible. After a full year of adventurous medical and physical therapy, the use of the Waesche hand is back, and so are the songs. Eckert also recovered, and the band began playing again.

Beginning in June 2021, Waesche showed songs to producer John Bolduc, who loved what he heard, and began work on honing and arranging the songs. Recording began at Massavonic Studios in Boldock, Connecticut at the beginning of 2022, after it was delayed by the death of Wish’s father, followed by a changing COVID rush as many of the band’s members were forced into quarantine. The band recorded all tracks between January and March, with guest percussionist Alex Giusa (currently one of the drummers for the Broadway version of “Hamilton”) adding the final touches during the first week of April 2022.

The band is currently working on video clips for select songs from “Sunshine Hotel” and playing some specific gigs in the Northeast.

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