CORRECT and REPLACE Yuluka Health’s animal product line connects its holistic wellness products with top horsemen

MIAMI-(BUSINESS WIRE)–Please replace the September 20, 2022 release with the following corrected version due to multiple revisions.

The updated edition reads:


Yuluka Health Inc. is a global company with a strong social conscience that prioritizes the health and well-being of both humans and animals. With over 30 years of experience, his team are veterans of the botanical, pharmaceutical, biotech and consumer packaged goods industries. Yuluka Health has a strong desire to adapt to the ever-changing market and deliver world-class herbal health products.

Endorse, Yuluka Health’s line of animal wellness products, has been present since early 2022 in many ways within the equestrian community, supporting various activities in various competitions and disciplines around the world. In March, Endorce was specifically selected by the Port Mayaka Polo Club to sponsor their team: Old Hickory Bourbon at the US Open Polo Championship at the International Polo Club in Wellington, Florida; followed by our sponsorship of the Valle del Cauca Equestrian League which hosted the National Jumping Competition at Club Campestre Cali, Colombia in June and then a trip to the Polo Aux Haras de Gassin: International Polo Cup in July in Saint Tropez . Our upcoming activities include our presence at the Rincon League and the Pacific Coast Open in August at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club, USA, and the Palermo Open in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our primary goal is to support the various disciplines and provide the equine community with products that are specially formulated, scientifically tested and manufactured under strict quality control to support digestive, muscle, joint and hoof health.

“We are receiving overwhelmingly favorable responses from the US and international polo communities regarding the quality and efficacy of our equine products,” says Javier Herrera, General Manager of Yuluka Health for Endorce. “And we have also received inquiries from large distribution companies to supply our products to their commercial networks and industrial networks. In addition, these events inspire horse lovers and help Yuluka Health attract new financial investors.”

According to Herrera, similar to the human healthcare market, the animal healthcare market is also moving toward more natural and holistic therapeutic options. The field currently has very limited options that meet the criteria for a premium supplement. Yuluka Health’s products are designed for this emerging market and with very little competition, the company strives to become the most recognizable brand and supplier to customers in the US and around the world.

Yuluka Health, which has operations in the US, Canada and Colombia, is focused on two core areas of business, which include genetics and consumer packaged goods. The genetics program includes a library of over 106 unique strains based in Cali, Colombia, and is focused on the cultivation and propagation of seeds from the library as well as new hybrid strains through the team of breeding experts. Consumer packaged goods are designed to trigger the endocannabinoid system in both humans and animals to improve overall health and well-being. All consumer packaged goods contain premium hemp-derived cannabinoids and are manufactured and sold exclusively in the United States.

Yuluka Health’s executive team consists of a diverse, talented group of international business executives and industry professionals with significant experience and intent to become a key player in the supply of seeds and consumer packaged goods to the international market. For more information about Yuluka Health and human and animal wellness products, visit

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