CVS Health Announces HBCU Provider Diversity Partnerships

As part of a long-standing commitment to provider diversity and the advancement of social justice and equity, CVS Health® is pleased to announce three new partnerships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), including Morehouse College, Florida A&M University and North Carolina A&T University.

The HBCU program, launched as part of our 2022 provider diversity strategy, is tailored to each institution’s unique curricula in hopes of developing creative and innovative solutions with a focus on provider development and education, building community connections and industry, student involvement, and overall positive impact in the black community.

These relationships continue to drive our goal of arming diverse suppliers and program participants with the skills needed to succeed in business and thrive in their industry. These partnerships will support initiatives that inspire and drive innovation while working with local policymakers and advocacy leaders to support underserved communities.

Since 2000, CVS Health actively seeks out a variety of product and service providers to meet the needs of our clients, customers and colleagues. Our Supplier Diversity Program is designed to complement our commitment to providing exceptional service to our customers and to recognize the critical role of diverse suppliers in our continued success. This program demonstrates our ongoing commitment to both business best practices and the communities we serve.

“CVS Health recognizes the value of doing business with diverse and small business suppliers in our supply chain. Partnerships with HBCUs such as Florida A&M University, Morehouse College and North Carolina A&T University will increase community engagement, diverse provider development and networking opportunities in support of underserved communities,” said Monet Knapik, Executive Director of Corporate Supply, Diversity at the providers at CVS Health.

A collaboration of Florida A&M University

Our engagement with Florida A&M University in the development of the Executive Leadership Program has resulted in meaningful collaboration to build a program that can be replicated, scaled, and implemented by other Fortune 100 companies. Through this approach, we are expanding the depth and reach of the series for training leaders to achieve impact beyond our immediate reach.

Collaboration with Morehouse College

In February 2022, we partnered with Morehouse College’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MIEC) on a pilot program aimed at increasing their range of suppliers by starting, scaling and sustaining black-owned businesses through both student and community businesses . The pilot, known as the Accelerator Growth Program (AGAP), consists of 13 minority-owned businesses focused on providing services and products to the healthcare industry. The businesses represent technology, staffing, medical providers, facilities management and community providers with combined revenue of $46 million in 2021.

A collaboration of North Carolina A&T University

In partnership with North Carolina A&T University, we have committed to support the University’s 2022 Summit on Community and Economic Engagement. Through careful and thoughtful planning, the Summit, titled “Surviving and Thrive in a Post-Pandemic Economy” , will be increasingly targeted, informative and engaging for participants. The purpose of our relationship with North Carolina A&T University is to benefit the lives of local and regional community members year after year.

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