Dennis Gates of Mizzou Hoops fills in staff and meets with the media

The staff of coach Dennis Gates is complete! After previously announcing its assistant coach – Charlton “CY” Young, David “Dickey” Knott, and Kyle Smithpeters – Missouri announced the rest of the DJ staff on Tuesday afternoon.

Let’s meet you guys.

According to a news release, it’s who the former Cleveland State employee is:

  • Special Assistant to Coach Ryan Sherbo: 3 years in Cleveland as the capital
  • Chief of Staff, Matt Klein: 1 year at SAHC in Cleveland, 4 years in an AC position in E. Michigan
  • Basketball Operations Manager, Chase Goldstein: 3 years in Cleveland
  • Director of Scouting and Analytics Michael Fly: 4 years in FGCU as HC and 7 years in AC
  • Sports Performance Director, Sean Konate: Previous stops on Oregon St & Buffalo
  • Scouting Coordinator, Dalun King: 5 years in Cleveland State as a DBO . assistant
  • Player Development Coordinator, Beren Foot: 2 years in Cleveland as GA

Now that it’s the entire crew – there’s a lot of them, right? Officially, they met with the media on Tuesday afternoon. Yay! Several members of the local media focused on the employees’ apparent connections and knowledge of their new boss, Dennis Gates, as well as his former boss, The J. Leonard Hamilton of Florida. (Big Leonard Hamilton fan here)

From Matt Stahl’s article in The Trib, which discusses employee knowledge:

Young cited new basketball operations director Chase Goldstein as an example of that familiarity. “Look at that guy right there? I love this guy, that’s my right hand,” Young said. “We worked together in Florida, and he and I wrote exploratory reports together. He is undefeated. The chemistry we have in our employees, it’s insane.”

DBO Chase Goldstein, who has worked in both Florida State and Cleveland State, has connections with Boy Scouts and Analysts, Michael Fly, who was the HC Coordinator at FGCU for the past four seasons when he was a student director.

“We have many future coaches, and obviously the former coaches will be head coaches again at the Division I level,” Goldstein said. “Coach Gates has created a balanced team where we balance each other.”

As for how the Tigers plan to fill in the remainder of the Scholes, Goldstein wasn’t worried:

“The coach and the assistant coaches put their heads together and try to find two men who are worthy of our scholarship,” Goldstein said. “I know they are very intentional about who they are recruiting and we are going to bring in two people who represent Mizzou basketball and the Gates brand really well.”

Missourian’s Anthony Christensen looked at The Godfather’s impact on this new crew, and wow, there’s a lot. One of Hamilton’s former students – there are eight of them on this new crew – Dickey Knott spoke about what Hamilton had said about Gates when he was on staff.

“Coach Hamilton (in) told me about the third week on the job,” Knott said. “He put his arm around me one day and said, ‘(Gates) is the smartest coach I’ve ever had.”

New Chief of Staff Matt Klein, who held a two-year GA position at FSU, continued:

“(Hamilton) does a great job building relationships with his players. Players will run through the wall for him because they know he cares. I think that’s something you’ll see here, as each one of our staff delves deeper into the relationships and personal lives of our student-athletes… they know that we We really care about them, and then that will translate into success in court as well.”

And finally, hear from our new assistant coach, Kyle Smithpeters:

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Time to rock the auburn shorts, tigers! We want Bama!


Here’s a small excerpt, from the new S&C guy, Sean Konate:

“So we [he and Dennis] He’s had a relationship in the past few years, and he’s just an elite person. Anyone who’s met him and spends any time with him sees that really fast. And when you have high standards, you want to be around other people who have high standards. And so in the last couple of years, I’ve finally known that we’re going to hold arms and get a chance to work together.”

From his teammate:

  • Hear from Dennis Gates on Tre Gumilion:

soft ball

  • Hear from President Larissa Anderson on ‘That Play’

Football / Other Sports Mizzou

“After spending time at Mizzou, the program’s steadfast belief in competing with courage and commitment in life, in and out of bonds, resonated deeply with me,” said Sload. “I believe Mizzou will provide an incredible culture of academics and athletics that aligns with my goals and aspirations.”

Former Mizu player news / Random Mizu news

  • Good luck Anton! He’ll get the chance to play for a great coach (but a dubious human being):
  • From Matthew J. Harris, on where the transfers are:
  • Congratulations to former TigerStyle wrestler, Jack Flynn, on his new position as CBC’s Head Wrestling Coach.
  • If you’re a local, head to the Stronger Than Fiction Film Festival at the Missouri Theater on Thursday. It’s an undergraduate documentary, and it’s free. (more info here)

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