Did Amnesty International issue travel advisories to the US after the shooting?

Amnesty International for Human Rights has issued a travel warning for all visitors to the US in light of the frequent incidents of gun violence.


Amnesty International issued a travel warning for visitors to the United States in response to gun violence in 2019 as part of the “Stop Violent Violence” campaign. The organization does not normally issue these travel advisories and has copied the U.S. Department of State’s form of travel advisories for U.S. travelers to other countries. A series of focused gun violence in mid-2022 brought renewed attention to the warning.

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Human rights organization Amnesty International already issued a travel warning after a wave of gun violence in the US…but that was in 2019. However, gun violence in the US has continued unabated, resulting in many Reshare Counseling on social media. We received questions from our readers about whether it is real or not.

An article from the Jamaica Gleaner, a daily newspaper from Jamaica, on May 26, 2022, claimed that Amnesty International issued a travel warning after the shootings of black agents in Buffalo, New York, and the attack on a church in California. This article has pulled an old Amnesty International press release and attached it to recent events.

In August 2019, Amnesty International wrote in the warning that visitors should have a “contingency plan in place when traveling throughout the USA”. The warning asked people to “be careful of the ubiquitous spread of firearms among the population.” It recommended avoiding places where “a large number of people gather” such as schools, shopping malls, places of worship and cultural events. She also recommended caution when visiting bars, nightclubs and casinos.

The return of this travel warning occurred after a shooting in Ovaldi, Texas, that killed 19 children and two adults on May 24, 2022, when an 18-year-old gunman opened fire on Robb Elementary School.

The 2019 alert was issued just days after 22 people were killed in the shooting of a man at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. Amnesty International said the warning was intended “to raise a mirror to the United States using the US Department of State’s travel advice form for US travelers to other countries”. The organization does not appear to regularly issue guidelines of this kind, and was part of their End Gun Violence campaign. They haven’t issued any other similar advice on gun violence since then, although a 2019 warning is still available on Amnesty International’s website.

The advisory also highlighted that a traveler’s race, country of origin, ethnic background, sexual orientation or gender identity may put them at greater risk due to attacks linked to white supremacist ideology.

Given that this is real advice issued by Amnesty International in 2019, we classify this claim as “correct”.


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