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In keeping with the theme song of the classic TV show, “The Love Boat” will soon not only make another run, but also promise something for everyone.

Setting a path for adventure and their minds on a new love story will be thousands of fans of the beloved series that debuted on ABC 45 years ago. From October 22-29, the new Discovery Princess will replace the long-cancelled Princess of the Pacific during a return flight from the Mexican Riviera that was expected to sell out for seven days from San Pedro.

This tribute cruise isn’t the only fan-fed fish out in the sea. With the world’s waterways now wide open, boats of themed cruises are set to lift anchor with the sole purpose of bringing like-minded people together for the fun of their lives.

Growing in popularity, themed cruises can be charters in which a special occasion company charters an entire ship or part of the ship’s bow to stern, while others are produced by the cruise lines themselves. Paying homage to music, whether it’s a specific artist or style, is the most popular genre, but any year that isn’t pandemic, you’ll also have your share of cruises dedicated to a specific TV show, movie franchise, celebrity, lifestyle—everything from Soup to knot.

One common theme between cruises is when speaking to veterans, one gets the feeling that each cruise becomes a love boat with open smiles on a friendly ship.

“The perfect family reunion” is Sarah Scott of Los Angeles describing the atmosphere on the “salty dog ​​trips” she’s taken since inception in 2015. Well, except for the two that were canceled in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19 and the year she was recovering He has back surgery. “It broke my heart not being able to sail with my family in 2017, and three years later we were all shocked to not be able to meet each other,” she said. “It was overwhelming – agony.”

Southern California’s Face to Face performs during this year’s “Salt Dogs Journey” aboard the Norwegian Pearl. (Photo by Sarah Scott)

For the just-finished “Salty Dog,” those sentiments were reserved for those not off the queue as all 3,000 venues quickly sprang up for the four-night punk rock festival aboard the Norwegian Pearl outside of Miami. A stacked lineup was headed by Flogging Molly, an Irish-American Celtic band that formed in Los Angeles in 1997 and has hosted these cruises from the start.

Set to set sail for 2023 November 8-13, taking off once again from Miami on the Norwegian Pearl, at least one OG “Salty Dog Cruise” can’t wait.

“This is a long time between cruises and it’s going to seem like forever because we’re talking about one of my favorite parts of my life,” said Scott, a cinema animal trainer. “I love boating and running to cuddle with people I haven’t seen in a year.”

Claiming to be the only music cruise sailing on both coasts, Whit Travel’s “Groove Cruise” is a floating festival for electronic music lovers. Live singers and musicians perform in a number of places where the most sounds come from some of the most popular DJs – Deadmau5 and John Summit among them. Six cruise lines combined have hosted 33 combined cruises so far, but the perfect vibe remains true whatever the ship.

“When you have everyone sharing the same passion and lifestyle, it’s a magical experience,” said Whet owner Jason Beukema, who has expanded his interest-focused tours with salsa, rock, country and Zen, with yoga and healing arts. Imagine “Burning Man” on a cruise ship with everyone living in the same subculture in a judgment-free zone. There is nothing else like it.”

The surviving cast members of “The Love Boat” are scheduled to be on a cruise dedicated to the TV show in October; Gavin MacLeod, who is shown wearing Captain Stubing’s hat, died last year. (Courtesy of Princess Cruises)

On the latest “Groove Cruise” in January, there was not only music “24/7 from the time you set foot on the ship to the time you disembark,” according to Beukema, but also six wedding proposals and three weddings. And this isn’t even the “Love Boat” cruise, which in October will feature surviving cast members Lauren Tewes, Bernie Coppell, Fred Grande, Ted Lange and Jill Whelan. The week-long festivities will include celebrating the life of Gavin MacLeod, aka Captain Merrill Stubing, who died last year.

Changing the channel from ABC to NBC, none of the “The Golden Girls” stars are with us, but that doesn’t stop the drag queens from Golden Fans at Sea from throwing a party and inviting everyone they know. Lookalikes in Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia are expected to appear a lot between Miami and Cozumel at the Celebrity Summit from April 8 to 13.

Select Disney cruises offer “Star Wars Day at Sea”. (Courtesy of Disney Cruise Line)

Fans of a different galaxy cater to, “Star Wars” aficionados have fun on select Caribbean cruises for seven nights aboard the Disney Cruise Line ships. They’re called “Star Wars Day at Sea,” and while only one-seventh of the sails are dedicated to all things “Star Wars,” these special tours are probably the closest fans to a certified cruise.

Meanwhile, there have been five Star Trek: The Cruise where Trekkies have long lived and thrived at sea — or at least we can assume. During its most recent, held in late February and early March, a star-studded group of several “Star Trek” iterations put the “ship” in Starship aboard the Mariner of the Seas at Royal Caribbean.

New Kids on the Block has boldly gone where few bands have gone before in 2009. Pioneering the cruising theme, the group charted with “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” is still in action four decades later. For fans who embrace the ability to get up close and personal with their hearts, these cruises offer a different kind of romance on ships.

New Kids on the Block is a pioneering band in the cruise frenzy.  (Courtesy of Rose Travel)
New Kids on the Block is a pioneering band in the cruise frenzy. (Courtesy of Rose Travel)

“New kids usually play in giant stadiums where fans are kept at a distance, and on these cruises, 2,000 people, 98 percent of whom are women, get to see them everywhere doing photoshoots, partying, and an intimate concert performance in Private Island and Donnie “Wahlberg does everything he can to take a selfie with everyone on board,” said Sean Mischis, Events Manager for Rose Tours.

The 2020 NKOTB cruise has been postponed due to COVID-19, and is now scheduled for October 20-24 at the Conquest Carnival outside Miami. The organizers also announced that the “Jamrock Reggae Cruise 2021” has been rescheduled to December 7-12. From Florida to Jamaica, the spirit of love and unity will spread more than 20 artists, two of whom are sons of the late legendary Bob Marley, in Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas.

UK-based Cunard Line offers private visor cruises. Travelers on “event tours” immerse themselves in the worlds of art, literature, gastronomy and wine. The list for 2023 includes Queen Elizabeth hosting the first line “Australian Gardens Tour” and a celebration of the best British music called “The Beatles and Beyond”.

“Designed to bring popular themes to life, these carefully curated cruises feature a crème de la crème when it comes to special guests and partnerships,” said Cunard spokeswoman Jackie Chase.

Although there aren’t enough cruises to satisfy every walk of life, if those with a famous passion keep their eyes and ears open, their ship should eventually come.

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