Find out about the new California state park that will open in 2023

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Thirteen years after the last park in California opened, Golden State is set to get a brand new park. A property of 2,100 acres of beautiful nature Dos Ríos farm It was used in agriculture for years until a non-profit organization stepped in and rehabilitated the land. Currently, Scheduled to open as a new California state park in 2023.

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While the state is known around the world for its picturesque coastline, picturesque beach towns, and the cosmopolitan cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, it also boasts Countless natural attractions That was hidden inside more. As Cali natives and visitors alike are up to discover, Dos Ríos Ranch is a prime example of this.

over here All you need to know About the proposed new state park in California:

A golden course in a natural setting in California

2100 acres of natural wonders

Located in the San Joaquin Valley, it includes 2,100 acres of floodplains that have been converted into green spaces. Those trees have been reforested with willow and oak trees by the conservation group River Partners, who have worked ceaselessly to preserve the area’s nature and wildlife for years.

In recognition of the park’s vast natural wonders, California Governor Gavin Newsom has set aside $5 million to purchase it once restoration is deemed complete by all parties involved in the project. Once that finally happens, it will be your Dos Ríos farm The much-anticipated 280th state park in California.

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But what makes this former farmhouse so special?

As Mr. Newson himself claims, California has the largest and most diverse state park system in the United States, full of ancient redwoods and prehistoric sites. The ranch is an integral part of this natural landscape, and would be “a wonderful addition to California’s natural wonders.”

Wildlife is thriving again

Conceptual image of wildlife, hawks and wildlife

After a decade of conservation efforts, the soon-to-be state park ecosystem is booming again, with the species below all on site:

  • rabbit brush
  • Woodrats
  • hawks
  • Chinook salmon in the valley
  • hard trout
  • yellow sawdust
  • sandhill cranes
  • Many types of migratory songbirds

The park won’t open until 2023, when River Partners, the non-profit organization behind the project, is still doing the restoration. According to them, new wildlife cameras have already been installed that will help protect many endangered species in the area, while the construction of water control structures is currently being discussed.

where exactly he is the garden?

Concept image of a road trip with Sierra Nevada, California as background

California’s promised new state park lies at the confluence of the San Joaquin and Tuolumne rivers, 90 minutes east of San Francisco. Once opened, Dos Rios Ranch State Park, as it was tentatively named, will provide both Californians and tourists with a much-needed natural break just a short drive from major urban centers.

It will also add to the Golden State’s ever-growing list of Off Path things to do, which includes botanical gardens, sunny road trips, and even 19th-century ruins. In fact, It has the potential to become a major attraction in Californiadue to its picturesque location and the possibility of further development.

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When will it open?

Following the governor’s statements that “California needs more state parks — and state parks that all Californians can benefit from,” Armado Quintero, director of the California Department of Parks and Recreation, revealed that the state is “in the process of finalizing the takeover.” Despite the pending approvals, it’Fairly confident that it will be very clear“.

During an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Quintero reassured the audience that there would be “early access” Sometime in 2023. Since conservation is ongoing, and archaeological surveys must be conducted to ensure that the Native American sites are not disturbed, a specific opening date has not yet been announced.

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The good news is, based on Quintero’s own comments, we can safely confirm that the California State Park Series will welcome its newest addition next year. That is, once the legal procedures are completed and all the necessary infrastructure is in place, which It shouldn’t take longer.

Meanwhile, tourists can still visit these eight other great places along the state’s Pacific coast and read all of our other Cali travel tips.

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