Five winning Street Rooms will be located in Mission Rock, San Francisco

Directly across from McCovey Cove and across the Third Street Bridge from Oracle Field, home of the San Francisco Giants, construction is now underway on Mission Rock, a sprawling waterfront development on a site that was once an ugly 28-acre parking lot. Phase one of the ground precinct will see the completion of two residential towers, MVRDV and Studio Gang, along with a pair of commercial office buildings designed by Henning Larsen and WORKac with 55,000 square feet of retail and restaurants in between. And the thriving San Francisco neighborhood – arising from a private partnership between giants, the Tishman Spire and the Port of San Francisco, and guided by what has been described as a collaboration-driven “anti-master plan” features a five-acre plot of open green space shaped like a SCAPE garden. .

Now, the development team of Mission Rock Partners (the Giants and Tishman Speyer) has revealed the winning proposals submitted as part of its 2020 design competition seeking five unique outdoor facilities to help revitalize Mission Rock Street.

The five winning “Street Room” design concepts were selected from a submission pool of thirty entries by the development team along with an advisory panel made up of local community members and residents, for their successful combination of artistic, functional and “presentation” a successful blend of natural elements. and urban amenities to be incorporated into CMG Landscape Architecture’s comprehensive pedestrian-oriented street design,” in a press release.

Street Room winning fixtures are: a bronze statue of leading black baseball player Tony Stone made by local journalist turned sculptor Dana King; An inviting green-covered place for outdoor dining and gathering from Min Design; An interactive art installation by Terrain Work pays homage to the Bay Area landscape through colorful 3D stone mosaics; An open-air lounge space next door from 100 architects, and a flexible tabletop seating installation by Oyler Wu Collaborative that serves as a shared urban meeting space.

(Courtesy of Mission Rock Partners)

“The Street Rooms will provide respite, hotspots, places to rest and socialize,” Yinga Khong, director of parks and programming with the San Francisco Giants, said in a statement. “It will also stimulate moments of engagement spread along the shops, restaurants, cafes, and interactive storefronts that will bring the Mission Rock streetscape to life.”

While King and Min Design are both based in San Francisco, the other three winning concepts come from practices located further afield including Los Angeles (Oyler Wu Collaborative), New York City (Terrain Work), and Shanghai (100architects).

“The vibrancy of urban life really happens at the street level and in the branches that provide human interaction,” said Jenny Wu, co-founder of Oyler Wu Collaborative with Dwayne Oyler. AN From the total Street Rooms project. “This group of interventions cultivates diverse avenues, so we’re excited to be a part of it.”

“Designed with a variety of urban activities in mind, our proposal, in its concept, begins with the table as the core idea of ​​the intimate gathering space,” Wu continued explaining her company’s win. urban table Concept.

“Urban behavior comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and sensitivities, and while we aim to create a co-urban meeting space, we are also interested in learning about the diversity of activities that may occur,” she said. “From individual, intimate seating spaces, to large tables that allow six to eight people, the table’s curvy shape and variety of affinities aim to bring these groups together in a unique and vibrant urban environment.”

urban table Along with four other installations to be completed along Dr. Maya Angelou Street at Mission Rock; Stone King statue will come to life near Dr. Maya Angelou at Tony Stone Crossing. It is scheduled to be located south of the intersection of two streets, which will be attractive Bob Rocks.

Off the sidewalk, Bob Rocks “It creates a dynamic sandstone sculpture that invites people to interact with it,” said Theodore Heuer, founding director of landscape architecture and urban design studio Terrain Work. “The sandstone highlights the unique geological rock formations found in the San Francisco Bay Area with merging patches of orange and yellow reminiscent of the California wild poppy.”

When fully completed, Mission Rock will include approximately 1,200 rental housing units (40 percent of which are designated affordable); eight acres of parkland and public open spaces including the China Basin Garden at SCAPE; up to 1.4 million square feet of offices and laboratories; Over 200,000 square feet of local retail and manufacturing space; New parking structure for Oracle Park service, larger development, and revamped Pier 48.

Here are visualizations and more details, as provided by each winning designer, of the five installations that will help bring life to the human-scale streets of San Francisco’s upcoming new waterfront district:

Tony Stone Statue | Dana King

Illustration of a striped statue of a black baseball player
Tony Stone statue (Dana King)

“Tony Stone’s entire life has been like standing on a deck staring at a curve ball. She wanted to play baseball since she was little. Her parents, not so much… until she started making money from the game. She persevered well beyond The mores of that time, I played baseball with boys and then guys and then made a living playing professionally but not in the MLB.Stone didn’t qualify for any of those teams because she wasn’t considered pretty enough, and she wasn’t white.She was Tony Stone The first to play with The Negro League and get paid by The Negro League as a black woman.

The statue will be made of bronze. It would be slightly larger than life as the stone was 5’7″. With a ball cap and some extra height, the statue would stand 5’10” tall. Stone would be standing on the deck, waiting for her turn at bats. Standing there on her own knowing she could be One stroke away from greatness, or one stroke away from failure, which makes it worse because she is “the girl.” This pose radiates confidence and represents her physical abilities as well as her emotional strength. She looks up from far above, imagining what she is going to do with this ball. The shirt she is wearing. It’s the one she wore playing for her first professional team, the San Francisco Sea Lions. Her number is on the back. She wears the uniform with pride, and even in its sheer size, one feels the difference in her form, but not in her heart. Baseball is the love of her life.”

garden party | my design

View an outdoor space covered with plants for gathering
garden party (my design)

“The garden party Provides a visually open space for dining and seating. Referring to the garden structure forms, the open top of the enclosure allows street awnings to complete the room. A standing coffee rail surrounds the structure, inviting pedestrians and cyclists to socialize, eat and drink. The vines will grow along the length of the structure, providing texture and a bit of extra wind protection as they grow.”

Bob Rocks | Terrain action

Introducing an outdoor interactive installation created from stone
Bob Rocks (terrain action)

“Bob Rocks It is an interactive art installation that celebrates the geological and botanical landscapes of the Gulf region by creating a 3D stone mosaic – an idyllic sculpture that highlights the region’s inherent texture and beauty. The stone pieces serve as ledges, benches, platforms and platforms. In addition to the stone, a splash of color is introduced on the sides of the rocks, which changes depending on which direction you come from. The pop of color not only creates different perceptions of the statue based on your orientation, but also adds liveliness and zest to the streetscape. The yellow and orange colors are reminiscent of the native California wild poppies that are iconic in the Bay Area landscapes.”

Room and Lounge | 100 architects

Introducing a large red public installation
Room and Lounge (100 architects)

“A roommate is someone with whom he shares a living facility such as a room, apartment, or house. In an effort to impart similar levels of intimacy, friendship, social interaction, and engagement into the public world of Mission Rock, which one accesses with rooms in the house, 100 Architects present the project Outdoor roommates. By blending and combining attributes of the words “street” (exterior, active, commercial, public, borderless) and “room” (interior, stationary, urban, private, protective), 100 architects have developed sophisticated models of urban artifacts that present Sense of space in an open and shared way. The sitting room is a place for residents to take a break and hang out with their neighbors.”

urban table | Euler Wu Cooperative

Top view of public seating and table installation
urban table (Euler Wu Cooperative)

Designed with a variety of urban activities in mind, the proposal, in its concept, begins with the table as the core idea of ​​an intimate gathering space. Urban behavior comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and sensibilities, and while the intent is to create a shared urban meeting space, Oyler Wu was interested Also by learning about the diversity of activities that may take place. From intimate individual spaces to sit, to large tables that allow six to eight people – the curvy shape of the table and its variety of affinities aim to bring these groups together in a unique and lively urban environment.”

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