Former NFL QB Reveals Thoughts About Money Theft Scandal For Washington Leaders

Just when we think we’ve hit the bottom of the barrel with the inner turmoil of Washington’s chain of command, does the hole get deeper.

Washington leaders logo, unveiled in 2022.

Helmets of Washington's leaders

Washington captains helmets, redesigned for the new team name and uniform, starting with the 2022 NFL season.

Washington leaders template

Washington leaders seem to be finding friends in fewer places these days, with even the NFL itself contributing some public shaming of the organization.

Financial irregularities were reported within the organization and met with a strong denial of all implicated accusations from the team.

Then, more specifically, the team was accused of slandering money intended to be shared with other teams within the NFL.

Even 17-year-old NFL veteran Matt Schwab is commenting on the scandal in a recent tweet.

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