Gary Neville: Manchester United is a farce Will Eric Ten Hag Really Want a Job? | football news

Gary Neville says he has “very few words to say about Manchester United” after another Premier League weekend which showed the scale of rebuilding facing the club’s incoming manager.

Ralf Rangnick has admitted that Manchester United do not deserve to finish the Champions League if their levels of performance for the rest of the season are similar to what they showed at Everton.

United’s ambition to finish fourth in the Premier League is waning, leaving Rangnick bemoaning a toothless attacking display against Everton’s side who lost 3-2 to first-class rivals Burnley in midweek.

talking on Gary Neville PodcastThe former United full-back bemoans the mediocre performance at Goodison Park and thinks Ten Hag may think twice about taking the reins this summer…

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Imagine if Ten Hag turned his back on United?

What challenges lie ahead for Eric Ten Hag at Old Trafford?

I have few words left for Manchester United. No anger or comment anymore. They are a bit of a farce. You almost expect them. Players take Ralph Rangnick with them. They are bad.

They have to get to the end of the season as quickly as possible. The truth is that any kind of performance last week against Leicester and Everton were in the top four, but they didn’t have the spirit or the fight.

Cristiano Ronaldo was unknown at Everton
Cristiano Ronaldo was unknown at Everton

When I look at Manchester City and Liverpool, they have mediocre footballers. No exaggerated arrogance, they understand their position, the team comes first. There isn’t a single Manchester United player who could join either of these two teams, so why would you have exaggerated egos, think you don’t have to work hard, or be soulless? I no longer see anything.

I read in the Sunday papers that Eric ten Hag wants all his demands met or he won’t come to the club. Imagine if they couldn’t get past Tin Hag because of what’s going on right now, and how bad the club is.

Could van de Beek influence the new manager?

Manchester United Donny van de Beek during the UEFA Champions League, Group F match at Old Trafford, Manchester.  Photo date: Wednesday, December 8, 2021.
Donny van de Beek worked under Ten Hag at Ajax

If you look at what Manchester United do to players, no one has grown. Look what they did to Donny van de Beek. If you’re Tin Hag, I think you’re on the phone with Van de Beek. How’s it going over there, Donnie? It doesn’t say anything good, does it?

I suspect Tin Hag’s demands are not financial, but rather about control, recruiting, structural and youth. I think he wants to come in and make sure he doesn’t get what other managers have been through in the last 10 years.

That could be a lot for Manchester United, and I think it could be a tough week or two for the club. I still think they will cross the line, but the reports this morning were that Ten Hag was placing demands on the club that may go even further. We don’t have to believe everything, but usually when things come out from reliable sources we usually know.

I live with the feeling that one day the club will return. The club will rise again but this is declining, to a real low.

Gary Neville vs Man United

The old adage is not to believe anything we read in the press but it is wrong, journalists hear things from somewhere and if there are multiple sources telling the same kind of story there is usually something in it.

Calm reigned all over Mauricio Pochettino’s front, so it feels like it’s all eggs in a Ten Hag basket. If they can’t cross the line due to his demands on the way the club is run, where is Manchester United?

I suspect Ralph Rangnick would speak to Ten Hag honestly, and Van de Beek would answer him honestly. We know Edwin van der Sar is finished at Ajax and will speak to Ten Hag honestly. They will say be very careful about going to Manchester United because it can be a graveyard of reputation at this moment in time.

“Rangnick’s reputation is damaged – this is really deteriorating”

Ralph Rangnick was forced to make a change in the first half
Ralph Rangnick struggled to get the best out of the players

Ralph Rangnick came with an incredible reputation but now he is starting to get injured because of what is happening around him and he seems weaker and weaker on the touchline due to the performance of the players on the field, who have nothing to do with him.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is a good guy, and the players loved him and yet they delivered. It’s a very difficult situation for the club.

I feel like most Manchester United fans at the moment in that I don’t know where I’m going or what’s going to happen.

I live with the feeling that one day the club will return. The club will rise again but this is declining, to a real low. But she will be back, and you are looking forward to that day.

Liverpool fans were over my shoulder where Manchester United were, they were in those bad moments when Manchester United were winning, where they probably didn’t have a team to be proud of. Maybe it’s time for these Manchester United players to take a look for themselves.

I think the players want to do well, but what they are giving at this moment in time is not good enough.

Man United’s remaining matches

David De Gea has criticized Man United's performance at Everton, calling it a
David De Gea criticized Man United’s performance at Everton

April 16 Norwich (H)

April 19 Liverpool (A)And Live on Sky Sports

April 23 Arsenal

May 2 – Brentford (H)And Live on Sky Sports

May 7 Brighton (A)And Live on Sky Sports

May 15 – Chelsea (H)And Live on Sky Sports *

May 22 – Crystal Palace (A)

*Subject to change due to FA Cup Final

Neville on Man City and Liverpool…

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Free to watch: Highlights from Manchester City’s draw with Liverpool

Before the match, I thought a point would be better for City, but in the first half, the match could have been out of sight. Liverpool’s response in the second half was exceptional after it was very poor, so it is below the record level in the first half. I always remember playing under Sir Alex Ferguson, if we played poorly in the first half of a big game at the end of the season he would ask if we fought all season to play that way.

It was as if Jurgen Klopp had to say in the first half, ‘Come on, we’ve built this team for three or four years and yet it didn’t show any authority, you froze, you defended poorly’.

I must say, Liverpool responded brilliantly, and at the end of the match, taking into account their place between the two halves. [it was a better point for Liverpool].


But City could have won the title today if they had won the match. I don’t think Liverpool might have it because they are still having a hard time in matches. But things are going, and I wouldn’t be surprised if both teams win every game until the end of the season and Liverpool sit thinking ‘Hope we play better in the first half?’ But we don’t know, there is still a long way to go.

It was crazy. punch punch. Some of the football matches we saw were exceptional, they put pressure on each other. They pushed their defenses high. They remain faithful to the principles of their principals, and do not wither. Liverpool have real courage, they are street warriors.


What we saw in that second half was just the energy, the passion, the spirit and the fighting we saw from Liverpool to come back. But City are a great team, you can’t speak loudly enough, there are no more words for these two as to what they have achieved over the past few years. And they will continue to do so in the last few weeks, hell on the skin in the FA Cup, Champions League and Premier League.

Is it really a great athletic rivalry?

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Jamie Carragher said there is more respect between Liverpool and Manchester City than other rivals in the Premier League.

It’s an incredible rivalry – 338 to 337. In terms of consistency, quality and distinction, this ranks as the biggest Premier League rivalry of all time.

But when I think about the competitions, I think there has to be more to it than that. Is there a ferocity, intensity, a story to tell. When people talk about the rivalry between Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger, there have been incidents and stories to tell – the tunnel incident at Highbury, the FA Cup semi-final with Ryan Giggs celebrating, Marc Overmars’ goal at Old Trafford that won the title.

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Jurgen Klopp was happy to agree with Jamie Carragher that the rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester City was the best the Premier League had ever seen.

There were big moments between the two teams along with fierceness, fights and pizza! There was more than just excellence in football, so I don’t think the rivalry between Manchester City and Liverpool trumps that yet. There was a lot of hugs – they love each other very much! I’m just kidding, of course, but I’m not sure if this will be a documentary in 25 years. But in terms of excellence and consistency, it is an excellent competition.

I’m impressed with what they do, it’s super cool, and the performance levels are high. You want to see this season run to death, you want to see both teams in the Champions League final, because when you think about the two best teams in Europe at the moment, these two teams are competing in the Premier League, the FA Cup, and hopefully in the Champions League, they deserve it. .

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The Super Sunday panel discusses what titles Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola still need to win with Liverpool and Manchester City to be recognized as the greatest teams.

They are really out of this world, but in different ways. Guardiola is transformative for what he has achieved, the type of football he plays and the impact he has had on the game. And Jurgen Klopp for his soul and passion, a pure footballer.

I see myself in Klopp more than Guardiola, I don’t think I can play in this City team, I wasn’t technically talented enough. But you can see characters like Jordan Henderson and James Milner playing for Liverpool with fight and soul, while City are just a thing of beauty. Other than the fact that they are the teams that I don’t like the most, you have a lot of admiration and respect for them because you can’t help but like what you see when you see them.

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