GENE SIMMONS says KISS is making more money than ever, and sticks to its claim that ‘Rock is dead’

X17 Online Spotted Kiss Guitarist/singer Jane Simmons The guitarist/singer Paul Stanley They were checking in for their flight before heading to Europe for their summer 2022 tour. Simmons He was asked to clarify his previous comments “Rock is dead,” and said (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Stone he is dead. Because once fans could download and share files for free, new teams didn’t have a chance to earn a living. And it breaks my heart, because there are so many talented young musicians and writers out there who would never get the chance that I had. Anything that’s free or a penny when it costs a dollar or more soon is worthless.

“From 1958 until 1988, we had Elvis [Presley]And the the BeatlesAll the great men of the blues, Madonna; At the disco, you had a great Motown Unparalleled things. You had heavy orchestras – Metallica And the iron maid And all these things – U2And the PrinceAnd the David BowieAll this “from 1988 until today more from 30 years old. Who are the new? Battles? who are they?

Close to ’88, napster Show all that’s left to people how to get music for nothing and you’ve taken away its value,” gene added. “Then the musicians can’t make a living. Not the old guys are old and fat and rich. I understand. But the little bands break my heart. They won’t get the chance. Rock is dead.”

When asked if the decline of the music industry as consumers appreciate access to ownership and experiences over assets has affected the amount of royalties at all, Simmons He said, “No, we’re making more than ever. So it’s not about me. It’s about kids’ slides.”

This is not the first time gene Paint a bleak picture of the state of rock music. Said in 2014 Respected magazine that “Rock didn’t die of old age. It was killed off. Some sparkle, somewhere, would have been expressed and now it won’t happen because it’s so hard to make a living playing and writing songs. Nobody will pay you to do that.”

A number of rock and heavy metal musicians have weighed in on the topic in a variety of interviews over the past several years, with some digging a little deeper. SimmonsEntire Notes and Others just read the title.

last september, Simmons He doubled down on his claim that “rock music is dead,” blaming young rock fans and online streaming platforms.

“Generally speaking, new artists won’t have the opportunity as we got, because record companies will give us that Millions dollars–once we’ve succeeded–in advance, non-refundable, property regime and all that,” us weekly. “So we didn’t have to work day jobs. Now, if you’re a new band, you can’t make a living because all the college kids with freckles—by the way, they hate me—because what I’m saying is stealing. You steal by downloading and sharing that music.” It doesn’t affect me Our band came before, when it was a real business. But the new artists, you’re breaking my heart. It’s like children who are born without being able to get food. You take food from their mouths so they have to go to work to earn a living. And they don’t have enough time for their arts.

“Who killed the music business? The fans did it,” he continued. “Not an alien force, no aliens; the fans killed it. And who do I blame? Record companies for not suing that first bird who dared break into the hen house and steal some eggs and a hen for free. Once you let that first fox that enters that chicken house take some eggs without Pay for it, the rest of the foxes come in. Likewise, the crickets – you let one into the kitchen, hang out that first, the rest will go, sorry, we have to be careful.

“So, Pandora’s box has been opened. There are hundreds of millions of fans around the world who have been trained [in their minds] Not paying for the music. So what does that do for new teams? kills them. When you remove the value of something, it is by definition worthless.

“Imagine you are a farmer, and you sell eggs and chickens—that’s what you do. That first cute little fox comes in and steals an egg. And the farmer will try to shoot the fox,” because, “Hey, you’re stealing my livelihood.” And the wife says: Don’t [shoot the fox]. It is very beautiful.’ That cute little fox returns the egg to where all the foxes are: ‘Hey, we have a sucker here. Let’s go get some chicken and eggs. Before you know it, there are no chickens. No eggs The farmer is out of work; the trucks that took farmers’ stuff to the market stopped working because they didn’t have things; the supermarkets that sold things are out of business. Everyone is out of work because that first situation, the first little hole in the Titanic that sank The whole ship.”

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