Germany once again removes all entry requirements amid confusing changes

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It seems that the German authorities can not make up their minds.

After announcing on May 26 that all Covid entry requirements would be removed on June 1, and officially joining the wide list of European countries that have reopened, Germany reversed its stance and decided not only to keep the restrictions in place, but also to tighten them. In the first ten days of June, only vaccinators were allowed to enter Germany for tourism purposes.

A young tourist uses her phone with the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany to get the background

However, as of this week, Americans and all other foreigners were once again allowed to visit Germany Regardless of their immunization status – Even as tourists. While this is certainly good news, constant hesitation back and forth has eroded traveler confidence, with Germany showing that the rules can change at any moment, with A little warning:

Germany’s confusing road to reopening

Metro passengers wear face masks during the COVID pandemic in Berlin, Germany

Since June 11, 2022 All travel restrictions in Germany have been officially lifted After a delay of 10 days. Although initially due to be removed on June 1, as previously reported, the country canceled reopening and actually made the rules stricter for a brief period of time, effectively going back on its word.

amid updates, They have banned unvaccinated tests and removed negative tests as valid proof of entry. From June 1 to June 10, only vaccinators were allowed to visit Germany, marking a complete shift in the approach of the Western European country. Under the revised short-term rules, effective October 1, The definition of “full vaccination” may also change.

Young tourist standing in front of the Berliner Dom, Berlin, Germany

In the fall, Germany is set to add an expiration date for vaccination certificates, which require a booster dose 270 days after the second dose. this means Americans who have only been vaccinated twice will not be allowed entry as of October 1even when presented with a negative test – much like the unvaccinated.

Then, on June 11, the state embarrassingly dropped all of these rules again, returning exactly to normal as originally planned. In other words, they will no longer enforce an expiration date for double-dose vaccine certificates of October 1, or ban non-vaccinated tourists from visiting. Yes, you read that correctly: Germany has tightened the rules just to cancel it after 10 days.

The German flag flutters over the Reichstag in Berlin at dusk

Lifting the rules is ‘temporary’, but what does that mean?

Despite the shift, we would like to draw attention to the wording on the website of the German Federal Foreign Office: it specifically states that the rules raised “temporarily”. Linguistically speaking, a ‘temporary’ decision is either subject to further confirmation, or valid ‘for the time being’. That is, to say the least, Choose interesting words.

Having become more circumspect in their statements, in the wake of last week’s disaster, German authorities have not reassured visitors that lifting the rules is a final measure. Judging from their latest unexpected retreat, We understand that anything can happen, Including the tightening of new rules The government should see fit.

The historic city of Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany


  • On May 26, Germany announced the full lifting of the rules on June 1
  • Then June 1 came, and the country did not open as promised
  • From June 1 to June 10, travel restrictions increased*
  • On June 10, German authorities agreed a new date for reopening
  • Restrictions were again “temporarily” lifted on June 11
  • Since June 11, we welcome everyone to Germany regardless of vaccination

* Test option omitted, full vaccination definition updated to three doses

View of the Koelner Dom, Cologne Cathedral, Cologne, West Germany

Reaffirm, under current guidelines, all restrictions have been removed, and Unless you are a Chinese citizen, who are still banned due to reciprocity, you are welcome to Germany. Since June 11, there are:

  • There are no vaccination requirements in place
  • No test before departure
  • No test after arrival
  • There is no mandatory quarantine for the unvaccinated
  • Except for China, no nationalities are banned
A young passenger checks in at the airport

Reopening Germany does not mean that Covid is now endemic in the country

in addition to, Germany continues to ban entry of foreigners from areas where “another type of concern” has been identified.. Although no countries are currently listed as ‘viral changing regions’, Germany’s relaxation of rules is by no means a return to normalcy: unlike Mexico, Covid has not yet been treated as an endemic disease.

If you are visiting Germany in the near future, we advise you to double check the country’s entry requirements before you travel. As we’ve seen this week, the German government has shown a lack of assertiveness when it comes to lifting the rules, and Some tourists are now under the impression that the authorities may not keep their promises.

A female passenger with a US passport and boarding gate before international travel

As most of Europe regains its pre-pandemic state, with the exception of a few Western European countries such as France and Portugal, the disconcerting changes in Germany may continue to deter more cautious travelers. after every thing, There is no guarantee that the new policy will be in place for the entire summeror once the tourist season ends.

Alternatively, travelers who warn about the restrictions can choose to move between countries through Eastern Europe, which has officially become the most restrictive area in the world, or even avoid the tourist spots in Europe altogether. For more information on German Covid policies affecting travel, please visit this page.

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