Gibson = Dad Rock? Did Gibson miscalculate the future?

Gibson = dad rock

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Does Gibson = Dad Rock? It looks like it might work fine. “Why New Bands Don’t Play Gibson’s Guitar” is the title of Rhett Shull’s YouTube video. There is talk of “Boomer Guitar” and “Your Dad’s Guitar.” But is there anything to it? Does Gibson look old and outdated?

Gibson = Dad Rock?

The video is titled Why don’t new bands play Gibson’s guitar lasts about 9 minutes You can view it below. in the video, Rhett School Talking about Gibson Brand and what he sees as a big problem. Little bands and musicians don’t play Gibson guitars anymore.

In the ’80s when I was a teenager, Slash saved the Gibson brand. No teenager wanted Les Paul until Slash was seen playing with it. It was all SuperStrats and Shred’s guitars, and it seems to be happening again.

If you see younger bands in music videos — well, bands that haven’t been around for at least 20 years — the members usually don’t play Gibson guitars. Instead, you will find models from Handrail And brands like Ibanezor ESP/Ltd., which are often marketed specifically for these younger groups. Usually, they are adapted to the requirements of the respective music styles. Things like high speed necks, angular bodies, special pickups with switchable sounds, or new modern color options.

Why PaulAnd explorerAnd firebirdsAnd SGs? You don’t see them often with younger players. But I often see these new bands playing Fender models. StrategiesAnd Jazz MastersAnd mustang. why is that?

Here is an example of how the two brands are promoting new guitar models. They both tell very different stories, and one of them seems completely outdated.

Gibson vs Fender

Both brands have been around for years. But their marketing strategies could not be different. Let’s take a look at Gibson’s signature or the artist’s recent models.

Gibson’s supermodels are always seasoned musicians (insert old musicians).

All of these guys are old 50 and above. All these musicians are no longer quite attractive to young people, because they make the music that their parents and grandparents listen to.

Gibson Slash

Old enough to be your grandfather, it’s Slash!

dad’s music

Theme dad rock or Dad Metalwhich includes ranges like Metallica, is a thing now. Children usually do not listen to Parents’ music. Hence, these older bands and musicians and their choice of instruments do not really appeal to the younger generation who are just beginning their musical journey.

Also, Gibson’s designs look very old in 2022.

Fender billie eilish signature ukulele

Fender billie eilish signature ukulele

forward thinking

Fender uses a completely different strategy.

In addition to the remnants of the slightly boring and often overrated custom shops, which are usually made for old rock And Veteran guitarists From the golden age of “Boomers”, the brand also creates a lot of models for contemporary artists such as HER, Hama Okamoto, Billie Eilish, Daiki Tsuneta, And silent siren.

Fender Billie Eilish ukulele concert

Fender Billie Eilish ukulele concert

Shop now

Fender also works with artists from LGBTQI community +. In addition, the company offers its services for things like video game Final Fantasy That attracts youngsters as well as gamers. It feels like More models are being developed with women Compare with Gibson.

Sure, Gibson owns Lizzie Hillwho is now a Gibson brand ambassador, and Sheryl Crowe. But as a brand, they are completely unknown for working with female artists. You are likely to see a file Joe Bonamassa A model from Gibson every year, rather than something new from an up-and-coming artist.

The future of the two brands?

According to YouTuber Rhett Shull, Gibson has a reputation for “your dad’s guitar“And”baby guitar” And “People who still live in the 60’s and 70’s“.

In fact, Gibson targets the older generation with supermodels. They definitely have their wonderful guitars justified. But young people of the “next generation” are not interested in this old music anymore.

Kiss, Guns n’ Roses, Black Sabbath?

With exceptions, these bands no longer make music for younger audiences. Additionally, Fender is often cheaper to buy. This does not mean that Gibson is not worth the money, as production is more expensive and time-consuming.

Younger bands play more modern instruments, and of course that’s what fans see. If you don’t see Gibson Les Pauls, you probably won’t want to buy one. But when, for example, Sultana Tash Play Fender Jazzmaster, this arouses interest in this model among the younger fan base quite often. Fender worked on it and even worked with the artist on a signature guitar.

Both Fender and Gibson have their place in the market, and it would be very unfortunate if the brand disappeared because they missed the mark.

Gibson has just freed himself from years of mismanagement and questionable business decisions. Now, however, her models must be made more palatable to young musicians.

Gibson Leo Scala Super 58s

Gibson Leo Scala Super ’58s = Dad Rock at the highest level

Flying Zzz…

Another good example will be the last Leo Scala Flying V. Run, which will likely only appeal to someone in Late forties and up. They literally scream, Dad Rock.

Will Gibson come out of the fifties and sixties of the last century? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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