Hard Rock International Signs ECPAT Child Protection Act to Help Prevent Human Trafficking

For several years, Hard Rock has implemented comprehensive protocols, trained more than 27,000 hotel and casino teams globally, and collaborated with community partners and advocacy groups, in an effort to prevent human trafficking. Earlier this year, Hard Rock and ECPAT-United States of America He launched Social Identity Quest, a program designed to educate young people about protecting themselves from the dangers of being tempted online. Today, Hard Rock and Ecbat-United States of America We are proud to share the program that he reached, learned and participated in 1 million dollars High school students via United States of America.

“By signing the ECPAT Blog, we are honored to play a role in helping strengthen our industry’s response to human trafficking. The Social Purpose is Hard Rock Life and our motto ‘Take Your Time to Be Kind’ embodies our commitment to addressing and preventing sexual practices, labor and other forms of exploitation of children and the vulnerable, while supporting human rights ” Jim AllenPresident of Hard Rock International who joined Marcellus W. Osceola Jr.chief of the Seminole tribe FloridaAnd the Laurie L CohenCEO of ECPAT-United States of AmericaAnd the Harold F Prior, the Broward County District Attorney to sign the law. “Hard Rock members around the world remain committed to working with nonprofit organizations, government officials, and the communities in which we operate to be a role model for the hospitality and leisure industry.”

The ECPAT Act is a joint venture between the tourism and hospitality sectors and ECPAT-United States of America, a leading political organization in the United States that seeks to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children. The Code provides a framework for companies to establish policies and protocols, and provide training, education and support to collaborate with allied services in local communities, such as survivor support groups and law enforcement.

Hard Rock’s Social Identity Mission, with content developed by experts in ECPAT-United States of America and EduNetwork Partners, which was launched locally in January 2022. The results of this innovative program show that we can increase students’ knowledge of online safety by 13% on average, based on learning assessment.

“Effective education is essential to prevent exploitation and protect young people, so we have partnered with Hard Rock to create Social Identity Challenge (SIQ), an educational research game, to stimulate student-led conversations to reflect on online habits and emphasize healthy decision-making,” he said. Laurie L CohenCEO of ECPAT-United States of America. “More and more exploiters are using social media to identify and connect with young people. The fact that we have reached over a million students in 45 states in just a few months shows how urgent and important this program is.”

Human trafficking disproportionately falls victim to Indigenous communities. Survey data from four regions across the United States and Canada It found that an average of 40 percent of women involved in sex trafficking identified as Indigenous or First Nations, even though they represented only 10 percent of the population in those places.

Due to strong demand for the software, Hard Rock and ECPAT-United States of America Explores adapting them to support Native American communities across the country, working with ECPAT-Mexico to reach students in Mexico.

“To protect children and vulnerable people, we must cooperate across law enforcement, prosecutorial offices, community groups and industry,” he said. Harold F PriorBroward County District Attorney. “We are delighted to be joining Hard Rock, the Seminole Tribe Floridaand ECPAT-United States of America In their efforts to combat human trafficking here in South Florida and around the world.”

Photo originals from the signature of the ECPAT Child Protection Code of Conduct for Tourism can be found here. For more information about ECPAT-United States of America and Child Protection Tourism Code of Conduct, please visit www.ecpatusa.org. For more information on Hard Rock’s social goals and slogans, please visit: www.hardrock.com/living-our-mottos.aspx.

About Hard Rock®

Hard Rock International (HRI) is one of the most globally recognized companies with venues in 68 countries spanning across 253 locations that include owned/licensed or managed hotels, casinos, rock stores, live performance venues and coffee shops. HRI also launched a joint venture called Hard Rock Digital in 2020, which is an online sportsbook, retail sportsbook, and online gaming platform. Beginning with Eric Clapton’s guitar, Hard Rock has the world’s largest and most valuable collection of original music memorabilia in over 86,000 pieces, displayed at their locations around the world. In 2021, Hard Rock was honored as one of Forbes’ Best Employers for Diversity, Top Employer for Women and Top Employer in the Travel, Leisure, Games and Leisure Industry. Hard Rock has also been named the Best Managed Company in the United States by Deloitte Private and The Wall Street Journal and was named the top performing hotel brand in JD Power’s North America’s Hotel Satisfaction Study for the third consecutive year in 2021. The Seminole Tribe of Florida . For more information on Hard Rock International, visit www.hardrock.com or shop.hardrock.com.

About ECPAT-United States of America

ECPAT-United States of America It is the leading anti-trafficking organization in the world United State It seeks to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children through awareness-raising, advocacy, policy and legislation. ECPAT-United States of America She is a member of ECPAT International, a network of organizations in 104 countries with one common mission: to eliminate child sexual exploitation and trafficking worldwide. For more information visit www.ecpatusa.org.

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