Harvard brain expert shares 6 things he never does to stay ‘sharp, energetic and healthy’

As a psychiatrist and neuroscience researcher, I have spent 27 years studying the surprising connections between our mental health, physical health, and brain health.

I also learned a lot from my personal journey. In my 20s, I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, a combination of disorders that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

But by making some lifestyle changes, I was able to overcome it in just a few months. To stay fit, energetic and healthy, here are six things I never do:

1. I never load up on high carb foods.

2. I never take more than 2 days off from exercise.

3. I never sleep less than 7 hours a night.

4. I never drink alcohol.

5. I’m never done growing myself.

Exploring your emotional health through psychotherapy can change your life. It can help you figure out who you are and what you want from life, which will strengthen your sense of purpose.

Psychotherapy that focuses on empathy, relationships, social skills, or improving cognitive abilities can strengthen brain circuits that have been underdeveloped.

6. I never lose sight of my purpose in life.

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