Heartland Health Centers renamed Tapestry 360 Health to avoid confusion with former sister agency

ROGERS PARK — Heartland Health Centers has changed the name of its community health clinics years after becoming independent from its former sister agency.

The group, which operates 16 local health centers, is now known as Tapestry 360 Health, officials announced Tuesday. The new name is intended to highlight the diverse patient population the Rogers Park-based healthcare organization serves as well as the comprehensive healthcare services it provides.

It also allows Tapestry 360 to differentiate itself from other groups, including the Heartland Alliance, from which the healthcare nonprofit was created.

Chief executive Nicole Willis said the name change was “necessary to differentiate ourselves”.

“A similar name created a lot of confusion,” Willis said. “Our new name will not affect our patients in any way. We will continue to defend equity in health care.”

Heartland Alliance, founded in 1888 to help immigrants and low-income neighbors in Chicago receive aid and social services. In 1993, the organization built health clinics in Uptown, where it served people experiencing homelessness.

In 2003, Heartland Health Centers became independent from its sister organization. Since then, they have become the primary provider of medical services for 27,000 neighbors on the North Side and nearby suburbs, many of whom are uninsured or underinsured.

The non-profit health organization recently built its refugee health services as it seeks to meet the growing need for such care. But as the organization grew, there was still confusion about the name Heartland Health Center.

Since spinning off into its own group, Heartland Alliance has launched its own health care operation, Heartland Alliance Health Centers. The Heartland Alliance has also recently come under fire for conditions in shelters for immigrant children.

Dr. Bruce McNulty, chief medical officer at the Swedish hospital, said Tapestry 360 is a vital partner in providing primary and specialty care to patients in need who might otherwise end up in the emergency department with preventable illnesses.

McNulty sought to strengthen this partnership and direct Swedish patients to a place where they could receive routine medical services. He set up a meeting and arrived at it only to find out that he had been approached by Heartland Alliance, not Heartland Health Centers.

“Clearly, this confusion existed for others,” McNulty said at a name reveal at Tapestry’s Rogers Park clinic, 1300 W. Devon Ave.

The name change will be advertised on buses and trains, plus there will be a direct communications campaign with patients explaining the rebranding, officials said.

Willis said he hopes the name change will help the organization continue to grow as it strives to provide services to more patients in need.

Tapestry offers affordable primary care, oral health care and behavioral health services. It offers interpretation services in 35 languages ​​and has bilingual medical staff. The organization has a contract with the government to provide health screenings for newly arrived refugees.

Tapestries are also available at the emergency shelter in the closed YMCA building in West Ridge. The building houses mostly single men and women seeking asylum in the United States after fleeing upheaval in Venezuela.

Tapestry served at the residential shelter, tending to the health ailments of refugees, representative Jan Szkovski said when the name was revealed.

“Whatever the need, this organization is here,” she said.

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