Here’s how far every NFL team will travel in 2022: Steelers have a huge advantage, the Buccaneers face a brutal roster

If any player on the Buccaneers roster suffers from jet lag, they might want to consider asking for a pre-season deal because Tampa Bay will be spending more time in the air this year than any other team in the NFL.

The Buccaneers will travel a total distance of 26,562 miles this season, which is more than what the Steelers, Ravens and Lions travel sum (23052 miles). The Buccaneers’ biggest trip in 2022 will be a trip to Munich in November where they will play their first NFL game in Germany. On that trip alone, the pirates will amass more miles of travel than six teams in a the whole season. The trip to Germany and back would cover 9,992 miles, which is almost fitting, since Tom Brady holds nearly 9,992 NFL records.

Once in Germany, the Buccaneers will play the Seahawks that will travel the second most miles in 2022. (Depending on their final travel schedule, the Seahawks could end up traveling the most miles, which we’ll cover later..) The Seahawks will fly 10,566 A mile round trip to Germany, making it the longest trip of any NFL team this season.

On the other end of the spectrum, only the Steelers will travel 6,512 miles for the entire season. This year will be the fourth time since 2014 the Steelers have driven the fewest miles, and it’s probably worth noting that in each of the previous three years (2014And the 2016And the 2017), they ended up winning the North Asian title.

The Steelers also won’t be leaving the Eastern time zone, which is noticeable when you consider that there are three teams that have to play in five different time zones this year (Buccaneers, Broncos, and Seahawks). As for the Steelers, they actually played every one of their games in the Eastern time zone in 2016, so while it’s uncommon for a team to own it, it’s almost unheard of.

Another advantage of the Steelers is that the team that travels the fewest miles has averaged 9.6 wins per season over the past eight years, which is how long we’ve been calculating for miles travelled. In 2021, the Bengals Travel the least number of miles And while they weren’t expected to have a great season, they ended up leading 10-7 and reaching the Super Bowl. The team with the fewest miles traveled has won the division in four of the past eight seasons and has played playoffs in five of the past eight.

On the other hand, the team that travels the most miles has won their class only once in the past eight seasons which came in 2020 with the Seahawks. This also happened to be a season when it was much easier to travel due to the pandemic. Also, the team that travels the most miles has only had 6.4 wins per season over the past eight years.

Although western-based teams usually rank high on the travel miles list, this is not the case this year. Of the six teams that will travel the most, only two are in one of the NFL’s Western teams (the Seahawks and the Broncos).

The teams with the highest travel numbers this year mostly come from two groups: they are either playing an international match or they are the AFC team. (Given the 17-match schedule, AFC teams will play nine road matches this year.)

Then there are poor jaguars, who fall into both categories. The Jags are the only team in the NFL to play TEN games away from home this season. Not only do they have nine road matches for being an AFC team, but they will also play one “home” match in London. Thanks to those two facts, the Jags are flying 24,732 miles this year, the fourth most in the NFL. (The Jags are the only Asian team to play an international match at home this year.)

On the other hand, rams on the road won’t play much. In 2022, they will be The first NFL team since 1929 to play at least 10 regular season games In their home playground.

How is that possible? easy. The Rams have nine home games in addition to a “road” game against the shipper. However, the Rams have one of the longest rides of the year, and that will come in Week 9 when they travel 4,316 miles back and forth for a game against Tampa Bay.

The longest trip any team has made this year for a non-international game will come in Week 13 when the dolphins travel 2,585 miles from Miami to San Francisco. The plus side of that trip to Miami is that the NFL also gave the Dolphins a Week 14 road game against the Charger, so they could combine the two trips. By combining these flights, the dolphins will fly 4,538 miles out of their total flights for this year.

Despite shedding those miles, Dolphins still had the highest total travel of any team not playing an international game.

Perhaps the team that has made an unfair road trip this year is the Colts, who have to fly two time zones west to take on the Broncos in a Thursday night game in Week 5. History has shown that NFL teams tend to struggle in exactly this position. Since the return of “Thursday Night Football” in 2006, a total of 15 teams have traveled at least two time zones west for Thursday’s game and those teams. The combined would have gone 3-12 in a row.

With that in mind, here’s a look at each team’s travel miles for the upcoming season.

Travel Miles 2022 NFL

1. Pirates: 562 26
2- Seahawks: 25936
3 – Bronco 24842
4. Jaguar: 24732
5. Saints: 23312
6- Dolphins: 20718
7- Chargers: 20684
8. Giants: 20188
9. Raiders: 134 20
10. Vikings: 18570
11. Package: 18050
12. Cardinals: 17686
13. Cowboy: 16,670
14. 49ers: 16654
15- Presidents: 526 16
16- Aircraft: 16048
17. Texas: 16046
18. Rams: 14837
19. Patriots: 14373
20- Amhar: 14,128
21- Panthers: 026 14
22 – Leaders: 3324
23- Al-Nusour: 240 132
24- Bills: 12644
25. Titans: 12286
26- Falcons: 190 10
27- Bengals: 9428
28. Bears: .8932
29- Brown: 8628
30. Black: 8296
31. Crows: 8244
32- Steelers: 512 6

NB: There are multiple teams this year that are expected to combine two road trips into one, and that’s been taken into account. For example, the Patriots will likely stay out of the West in December thanks to the fact that they play the Cardinals in week 14 and in Raiders in week 15.

There are five other teams that will likely see their travel miles cut short given their ability to combine two-game road swings into one trip this year. Here is a list of these teams: Falcons (at Rams, at Seahawks), Seahawks (at Lions, at Saints), 49ers (at Panthers, at Falcons), Rams (at Saints, at Chiefs), Dolphins (at 49ers, at Chargers) ).

If the Seahawks don’t combine the two-game eastern swing into one ride, they’ll end up with 29,014 miles this year, which will be the most in the NFL. If they combined the trips, 3,078 miles would be cut from their season total, leaving the Pirates at the top of the mileage list.

Second note: The mileage chart also assumes that the Saints will depart from Charlotte in Week 3 and head straight to London to play in Week 4 against the Vikings. The Saints played in London on two previous occasions (2008, 2017) and in both cases, they actually departed from Charlotte because they had played the Panthers in the week prior to their trip to England.

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