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Here’s a roundup of high school events for Wednesday, April 13.

Annapolis 6, Marriott Ridge 4: Yadi Nunez doubled and led in round, while Dom Montaigne and Matthew Darnell both counted and led in one run, as the Panthers capitalized on eight free passes and Mustang errors in their victory. Anthony Costa led on tour, and Sebastian Casanova added a hit for Annapolis. Brandon Lake scored four strokes and an RBI for Marriott Ridge.

Med 27, Barkdale 1: Aiden Barbour threw a 65-degree hitter, allowing an unearned running and walking action, while hitting an 11, to lead the Mustang to a lopsided win over the Panthers. Barbour helped his cause by notching three strokes, and leading in four runs. Edgar Wooden doubled and led in four runs, Ryan Madre and Gerald Bilton each delivering three hits, including a double, and two RBIs.

Annapolis 10, Laurel 0: Quinn McNumey threw a one-hit five, walk two and hit six, and Dom Montaigne escaped and drove in three runs to lead the Panthers to victory over the Spartans. Sebastian Casanova added a pair of base hits, Rowan Standish and Alex Shermer each got a big hitter and two RBIs, while Dylan Katz and Derek Johnson delivered a hard hit and led on tour to Annapolis.

Brodnick 4, Hammond 0: In Game 1 of a double header, Jack Holmes threw seven round stops and doubled Nolan Banuel and drove in a run to guide the Bruins on the Golden Bears. Anthony Cirrincione tied a pair of doubles and Ethan Teague produced a pair of hit songs for Brodnick. Nick Wilk got two hits for Hammond.

Brodnick 5, Hammond 0: Nick Sturgeo lasted five rounds, allowed three hits and twice walked, hit nine, and Zach Palmer came into relief, playing two rounds of unhit ball as the Bruins outpaced the Golden Bears in the Night Cup with a double header. Devin McGowan combined a pair of hits and an RBI, Nolan Banwell got a base hit and RBIs Calvin Cook and Stergiou got two hits, leading Josh Ehrlich in two rounds for Broadneck.

AACS 5, Mount Carmel 3: Ryan Jones grabbed a pair of singles and drove in a sprint, while Caleb Gentry, Anthony Vattusen and Andrew Hammond got a big hit and an RBI as the Eagles made three runs at the bottom of the fifth inning and went on to beat the Cougars.

South Carroll 13 Westminster 5: In the first double-header game, the Cavaliers opened a game in a tie with four runs down the fifth and another four in the sixth. Logan Miller had three hits and three RBIs for the South Carroll. Chris Durkin has two hits and two RBIs. Tommy Jaeger was also driving in twos. Josh LoPiccolo has a two-stroke and an RBI for owls.

South Carroll 12 Westminster 2: The Cavaliers stacked 12 runs into just six strokes, utilizing nine walks to win with a double header. Logan Miller hit the Grand Slam to lead the attack. Brayden Stutzman hit eight goals during his win on the hill.

Francis Scott K5, Winters Mile 1: The Eagles jumped quickly with two runs in the first and two in the second. Coen Harvey had an RBI benchmark for Winters Mill.

Gerstel 17 Saint Vincent Palotti 3: Ryan Morrison went 4-for-4 with two doubles to lead the Visiting Falcons (3-5, 2-5 MIAA B Conference) after the Panthers (2-8, 1-5). Taylor Stuck had four RBIs and John Delgado had three. Gavin Larson scored 10 goals to take the win.

Governor Thomas Johnson 4th, 3rd century: The Knights trailed by 4-0 after three, and their rally ran short. In the loss, Kyle Grimsley led in two rounds, while Owen Roach doubled and chased in the RBI.

Archbishop Curley 9, Saint Mary 2: John Petryszak (3 vs. 4) hit a rule-laden double as part of the second inning of four runs to lead the brothers to a victory over the Saints. Brandon Yakulak provided a two-stage single as part of the five-stroke four-stroke to provide an extra cushion for Curley. John Madden doubled and earned an RBI, Rocco Abdelnour and drove in a race for St. Mary’s.

St. Paul 8, Indian Creek 5: Matthew Hall and Xavier Quigley counted and led the Tour, while Riley Handwerger added a double, but the Eagles fell to the Crusaders despite outsmarting the hosts. Jacob Williams performed a pair of hit songs for Indian Creek.

Key 6, Concordia Prep 2: Chris Williams finished 2-for-4 with a double-double and an RBI, while Colin McNab and Armand Ortiz doubled on the tour to lead the Obezags, who combined for five runs in the second and third rounds, over the Saints. Trey Brandon added a double, Justin Kamins had two singles and RBI and Sean Boomer, along with Luke Nespole, scored a hit and RBI for Key.

South 16, Grand Mills 0: Churchill Bridgman threw four stops, hit nine and Thomas Martin got two hits, scored three runs and led in two while Bulldog tackled the Hornets. Chris Thomas had a double and three RBIs and Justin Knapp had two hits and three RBIs South (6-2).

Hereford 15, Manchester Valley 0: The Bulls took their seventh straight win on the back of 11 combined strokes from Liam Diehl (7) and Ryan Larkin (4). Diehl also stepped up the attack, with two hits and four RBI missiles. Luke Orner led in three runs and Jack Kinsey led in two.

Spalding 5, Mt. St. Joseph 1: Cody Sharman threw a full game gem, yielding three hits and a walk, while hitting seven to help the Cavaliers beat the Gaels. Tyler Smith scored three hits and an RBI, Caleb Estes slapped one of Spalding’s singles RBI (12-2, 6-0 MIAA A Conference). Mason Nemec drove the solo run and made two hits, while Jack Bahouth scored the other hit for Mt.

McDonogh 14, Severn 1: Jack Castleberry had two of the Admiral’s six hits, one of which was a double, and the only RBI in a loss to the Eagles. Campbell Grimes, Tristan Collins, Caden Blank and Sean Ward scored the other hits for Severn.

Patterson Mill 6, Elkton 2: Winner Christian Scherzer went to 3 runs, gave up two four-strokes, and hit six rounds to lead the Huskies host past the Elks. Patterson Mill scored five runs in the third inning.

Calvert Hall 7, John Carroll 4: Winning pitcher Dom Bear provided four rounds of rest, giving up a one-stroke in three by six as the Cardinals (11-4, 5-2 Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Conference) beat the host Patriots (6-6, 3-4) . Calvert Hall scored four games in the seventh game.

Falston 2, Aberdeen 0: Paul Kavish made a full match. He gave up one hit and hit eight for the visiting cougars. He also provided the RBI as Fallston scored one run in the second and one run in the seventh.

Latin 10 for Boys, Glenelg District 3The visiting Lakers (7-4, 6-3 MIAA Conference A) scored five games in the first half and totaled 16 goals in the game to defeat Dragons (5-4, 4-3).

Westminster 6, South Carroll 5: In a 1 double-header game, the Booms were twice as low as the bottom of seventh, but they rallied to force extra innings as Kaitlyn Clark was able to single out Kayla Garland in the first leg. Maddie Karns had three hits and led Amanda Werheim in two rounds to South Carroll.

Westminster 13, South Carroll 3: The album finished off the double-headed sweep with a convincing win. Mallory Johnson secured her second win of the day in the circuit. Offensively, Taylor Coyle had three hits and two RBIs, while Catelyn Barber and Katie Easton also led in two. Kayla Garland went 4 for 4. Amanda Warehime had a couple and two RBIs for South Carol.

Elkton 6, Havre de Grace 5: Autumn Simpson double RBI at the top of the ninth place beat visiting Elix (2-5) past the Warriors (5-3) in an undivided game. Elks LeeAnn Pugh’s throw (nine strokes) got one hit in sixth, until Bayleigh Carstetter arrived. The Warriors added three more runs to advance 4-1, but Elx rallied by four strokes (two with two wins) and three runs into the seventh round to tie the match.

Old Mile 9, Severna Park 5: Kayla Musgrove, Grace Crawford and Alexa Cooper provided support for winning bowler Danica Lees as the Patriots avenged their loss to the Falcons last week. Six different players got hits to the Old Mile.

South River 14, Hammond 3: Winning bowler Brianna Ford went 3-for-4, scoring three runs and knocking twice, while Gracie Solares finished 3-for-4 and scored three runs as the Seahawks topped the Golden Bears in the opener with two heads. Courtney Little made it to base four times and led in three runs, and led Emily Terry on the hiking trails in the bottom fifth of South River.

South River 4, Hammond 3: In the Cup of the Night, CJ Harris went the distance to claim victory in the circuit, while finishing 2-for-3 with a double, scoring twice and an RBI as the Seahawks earned a double-beak sweep. Erin Teppe went 2-4 with a triple, scored a run and ran two times to help the South River cause.

Harford Tech 2, Bohemia Manor 0: Winner Abby Reed worked on seven runs, tightened 11, and closed host Cobra (7-2) on the Eagles. Technology grabbed the lead at the bottom of the sixth. Lacey Swart and Hayden Cooper got a pair from the Reserve Bank of India.

Patterson Mill 10, Mount Des Cels 0: Madison Knight threw five goalless runs with 11 attacks, and Alyssa Miller threw another two goalless runs in the Husky’s win. Savannah Reddy hit a base-loaded hat-trick to start the scoring early and Knight (3v3) added a home run twice. Lily Hofmeister went 2 on 3 with a double, a run and an RBI.

Glenelg Country 20, Mount de Sales 5: Jacqueline Marsall totaled 12 points on five goals and seven assists to lead the Dragons (9-1, 8-1 Interschools Athletic Conference in Maryland Conference A) over the Sailors (4-7, 2-7). It was the seventh consecutive victory. Other top scorers at Glenelg Country were Maddy Hermann and Reagan Byrne, who each scored four goals. Maggie Wiseman added three goals. Mimi Mondorf scored two goals for Mount De Sales.

Mariville 16, Gerstell 11: The Host Lions (7-4, 5-4 IAAM Conference) ended their three-game losing streak. Kylie Redman scored four goals, Olivia Sprinkle scored three goals and Ava Red scored 11 saves for the Falcons (2-10, 0-9).

Severn 7, Prudnik 6: Justin Quinn scored two goals and one assist, Tanner Hopper added assists and the Red Giles were dominant in the showdown circuit, winning 17 of 17, as the Admiral outscored the Bruins in the year-versus-special challenge.

Severn 5, Mount Saint Joseph 0: Nate Krall, Daniel McNair and Matthew McNair posted wins 6-0, 6-0, while the doubles of Aiden Gilroy and Alan Chamorlisky, along with Luke Fromall and Robert White, won straight sets to lead the Admiral to the sweep. from Gaels.

4th century, Governor Thomas Johnson 1The Musketeers (7-0) won by Jacques Amirault in the first singles and the team of Mark Rolfes and Evan Delauter in the first doubles. Matt Schuller and Nolan Millhout win the second doubles.

Varsity highlights


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Manchester Valley 3, Liberty 2: The Mavericks swept doubles play, including winning three sets in the first doubles of Declan McGarry and Conor Neal, to earn the pin. Tim Woodley, Anthony Davenport, Zach Myers and August Jones also won the doubles matches. Honor Zan and Nikhil Andhavarapu won singles matches with Liberty.

South Carroll 3 Westminster 2: The Owls won the best singles and doubles matches, but South Carroll swept the rest of the day for the win. Daniel Laurel won the singles while the doubles teams of Frederic Fritchie Jr., Zac Selvon, Sean Mosman and Chase Lowden won for the Cavaliers.

Liberty 4, Manchester Valley 1: Kara Bartolowitz scored her first win 6-1 6-0 in singles with the Lions. Emma Messner added victory in her second singles, while Madison Haggerty, Grace Merten, Val Davis and Shannon Hope won the doubles matches. Lily Hicks and Kara Chuang won the Mavericks third double.

Westminster 3, South Carroll 2: Casey Rhino and Marisa Louvre won singles matches for the Cavaliers, but Westminster swept doubles play to take the win. The victories came from the teams of Jennifer Sorkin, Kathryn Raab, Miranda Mochang, Gillian Blubo, Stella Scheuberg and Sophie Long.

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