Hocking Hills features zip-lining, rock climbing, and kayaking

Rockbridge Most visitors to Ohio’s beautiful Hocking Hills come for scenic hikes, for comfortable or plush lodgings (or spartan, if you’re into it), or even for the area’s small and growing foodie scene.

But adventurous visitors looking for more diversions will also find plenty of off-the-beaten-track activities to choose from.

Rock Climbing: High Rock Adventures

My first step was to dooze at High Rock Adventures in Rockbridge (10108 Opossum Hollow Road, www.highrockadventures.com). The site contains 150 acres of gorgeous natural woods and rock formations and offers a variety of activities, including rock climbing, climbing, and a “rock challenge” as well as eco-tours, naturopathy, and “forest bathing.” Activities are offered for all skill levels, including beginners.

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I’d never quite beat myself up prior to my visit to High Rock last week, but knowledgeable guide Martin Strange put me totally at ease – even that first leap of faith.

Guide Martin Strange shows guests how to use the landing gear at High Rock Adventures.

We donned our climbing gear at the High Rock Visitor Center and followed a strange, winding green path to steep sites above magnificent sandstone formations born in the ancient sea that once covered the area.

Along the way, Strange stops at several places to point out fun and attractive plants and trees, especially those like sassafras and witch hazel, which have culinary or medicinal uses.

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