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Adams, Massachusetts. – The Husack Valley softball team took a three-game lead in fifth and held onto a 5-3 win over McCann Tech on Tuesday at Russell Field.

In one house, the sixth inning play that helped produce a round in the Hornets’ sixth inning comeback attempt might be the topic of dinner-table conversation.

That play came when McCann Tech rebel Emily Glacier stole second base on Hoosac Valley hunter Danielle Glacier, her twin sister.

Of course, Danielle had the last laugh — for now at least, since the teams played again Wednesday afternoon at North Adams — because her team won.

But it’s a friendly competition anyway.

“There will always be some nice talk,” Danielle said with a smile after the match.

“I loved her off the court, but today she wasn’t my sister. She was just another player.”

Emily had the same reaction.

“It’s different because we’re usually on the same team,” she said. “So it’s definitely different. … We’ve always played together pretty much our whole lives, and I’m a bowler, so we play karma and catch.

“We have a bit of friendly competition, but we like each other, and we played a good game against each other.”

And these North County teams, which share players from the same towns and travel teams, also played a good, well-paced, and exciting game that came in the Hornets’ last game.

Rylynn Witek hit 10 Hornets while allowing two earned runs to win the circuit.

She also took into account three of her offensive team’s rounds.

At the bottom of the first, after Hannah Lord one-on-one in the middle and went to second on the field to the back point, Witek Lord’s floor moved up to third. Gracelyn Wright then led at Lord with one belt to tie the match, 1-1.

Wright stole second place and ended up scoring a two-base error of Ella Bessalon’s racquet to give the Hurricanes a lead they never gave up.

Hoosac Valley was added to this lead with two more runs at the bottom of the fifth.

No. 9 hitter Michaela Wito started things off with one song to the right. The Lord’s Sacrifice moved her to the scoring center, and Witek dropped one to the left to put two runners aboard.

Witek’s volley to the left also sent Witek into third, and a foul allowed Witek to score to make it 4-1.

McCann Tech pitcher Nora Moser allowed only three winning runs in the loss.

Meanwhile, her offense gave her some boost at the top of sixth place.

Emily Glacier topped the half with a first kick that Wittek allowed. After being robbed and a globe by Kyrsten Gazalle-Adams, Emily Rashiddorf drove Glasier home from third by one song to the right.

Rashiddorf stole second and came home after Hannah Tatro’s double to the right to make it 4-3.

McCann Tech got another runner aboard a fault in Hoosac Valley to be first and second with one. But the Hurricanes closed the door when Wright sent a fly ball a short distance away and fired first to double the runner and finish the run.

It was one of three double plays in the match.

Back in the second, Rashdorf threw McCann Tech’s catcher into second for an out-kick/throw from double play to finish the inning.

In the sixth, Hoosac Valley extended its lead to 5-3 after a double of Besalone and Nora Condell RBI. The Hornets then finished the run when Paige Meyette sent a fly ball and managed to double the runner in second.

McCann Tech got some life at the top of the seventh place when Madison Clark shot field one to center. But her disc runner was called to leave early on the next court, and Witek hit the next hitters to finish the match.

Despite the score, the game had plenty of positives for McCann Tech (4-9), who entered the match in three straight games.

“We’re young, but in every game we’ve improved, so I can’t ask for anything more from these kids,” Hornets coach Robin Finnegan said. “We had a few hiccups, a couple of mental errors, but from the first game we played earlier this year, the first two games we played, we were like deer in the headlights.

“I’m really happy with the progress.”

So is Husack Valley coach Mike Amin, who has seen his young team advance from 0-3 at the start to the record 6-4.

“I’m starting sixth graders,” he said. “So it is a very young team. And we play really well. We make mistakes, we do good things, we learn, we grow and we play hard. They are getting better and better as we play all year.”

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