Ian Hill: KK DOWNING ‘definitely’ will attend Judas’ ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME party

Priest Judas Guitar player Ian Hill He says it “feels good” to finally be enlisted in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

a priest He will receive the Music Excellence Award at the Fall 2022 event, which will honor EminemAnd Dolly PartonAnd rotation rotationAnd Lionel RichieAnd Pat BenatarAnd EURYTHMICS And Carly Simon In the category of performers.

In a new interview with Metal Hammer magazine, hill She stated of the gesture: “Ha, you took them a while, didn’t it? It feels good to be recognized by your colleagues though. We’re honored to be a part of it all, especially since there are only a few heavy metal bands out there out there. Right now, hopefully this will open doors for gangs like iron maid or Def Leppardthe difference that should already exist. [Editor’s note: DEF LEPPARD was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2019.] But the most important accolade that a band can get is a gold or platinum album — that’s when you know you’re getting things right and doing a good job by the fans.”

The Musical Excellence Award – originally titled “Sidemen” when it first appeared – is given to artists, musicians, songwriters, and producers whose originality and influence in creating music has had a significant impact on music.

Back in 2010, when the Sidemen category was renamed the Musical Excellence Award, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation president Joel Berisman Tell normal merchant Category “Gives us the flexibility to dig into some things and get to know some people who might not normally be recognized.”

Priest Judas is the second band to receive the Musical Excellence Award; The Street Gang E forward. Last year, late Ozzy Osbourne And Quietly riot guitar player Randy Rhodes He was one of the recipients of the Musical Excellence Award.

The induction ceremony will take place on November 5, 2022 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Will be broadcasting later in the day HBO and flow on HBO Max. There will also be a simultaneous radio broadcast SiriusXM‘s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Radio Channel 310.

according to Hall of FameThe Priest Judas Members to be recruited include existing members hillAnd Rob Halford (singing),Glenn Tipton (guitar) and Scott Travis (drums), along with the former members KK Downing (guitar),Why Binx (drums) and late drummer Dave Holland.

Regarding the amount of discussion that was going on about who exactly he is a priest being recruited, hill Tell metal hammer: “The rule as I understand it is everyone who’s been with the band for 20 years. Richie [Faulkner, guitar] Sadly he didn’t enlist, but he really deserved it, as he’s been the driving force in the band for nearly 12 years now. Dave Holland [drummer 1979-1989] He’s been in the band for a long time obviously ken [K.K. Downing] there will be. Why Binx He was with us all those years, as he was Scottso it would be part of the induction as well.”

Asked if he had spoken directly to Downing since rock hole advertisement, hill He said, “He spoke to management and said he would definitely be there. That should be good.”

Priest Judas Previously was on the ballot in favor of rock hole in 2020, but failed to get enough votes to make that year’s class.

Having been eligible to boot since 1999, a priest He was also on the ballot for the 2018 class of Rock and Roll Hall of Famebut was eventually excluded from the enlistment list.

To be eligible for a nomination, an individual artist or band must have released their first commercial recording at least 25 years prior to the year of the nomination.

Although artists are eligible for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25 years after releasing their first album or solo album, such as hard rock and metal bands iron maid And engine head Not yet recognized by the institution that introduced guns not flowers In the first year of eligibility for that group.

The rock hole did not urge black sabbath Until 2006, the Metallica This followed three years later.

Qualified for induction since 1999, Kiss She did not receive her first nomination until 2009, and was finally submitted in 2014.

deep purple was eligible for rock hole Since 1993 but not recruited until 2016.

Downing the left a priest in 2011 amid allegations of a feud over the band, poor management, and deteriorating performance quality.

in 2019, Downing He said he contacted him Priest Judas About participating in the group’s 50th anniversary tour but their response was that they weren’t interested in including him in the festivities.

in 2018, Downing He revealed that he sent two resignation letters to his bandmates when he decided to quit Priest Judas. The first was described as “a graceful exit note, implying a smooth retirement from the music”, while the second was “more grumpy, identifying all his frustrations with certain parties”.

Downing He later said he thought the second letter was a “main reason” for not inviting him to join a priest distance TiptonThe decision to retire from tours.

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