Immortal Diablo: How to Cultivate Legendary and Adjust Gear

Are you trying to get more legendary equipment in Diablo Immortal? Besides Legendary Gems, Legendary and Set Gear are an essential part of building your character in Diablo Immortal. Legendary items are absolutely better than Rares, and will eventually make up your entire gear. However, each Legendary item has unique effects specific to your class. You will want to have the best items for your build, along with the best possible statistical rolls. This will take some time, but we will help you breed these myths with this guide.

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Legendary rewards and rewards explained

Legendary gear is available for all basic equipment slots; Your helmet: chest, shoulders, legs, main hand arms, and non-hands. Each legendary item has 2-3 attributes and magical effect, like a rare item. However, Legendary items also have unique legendary effects that usually modify one of your class’s skills in powerful ways. Therefore, you will want to gain legendary items that improve the skills you use.

Collection items are the legendary equivalent of your secondary equipment slots: amulet, two rings, belt, gloves, and boots. Instead of a Legendary Effect, collection items have assignment bonuses that activate when you equip 2, 4, and 6 items of the same deck. You can use six items from one group to maximize their rewards, or mix and match multiple groups.

How to plant Legendary Gear in Immortal Diablo

Obtaining Legendary gear is fairly straightforward as there is a small chance that Legendary items will fall from any monster in the game. This means that whether you’re roaming an area or fighting a dungeon boss, you have a chance to earn a legendary item. Monsters with a higher combat rating seem to have a higher chance of bringing down legends, so you should find them frequently as you advance in the game.

There is also a small chance to receive a Legendary item as a reward from Elder Rifts and Horadric Bestiary. You earn new pages of Horadric Bestiary by killing monsters in areas of the outside world to get the Monstrous Essence, so you can advance in the Bestiary along with some of the best legendary farming methods.

Here are the best ways to breed legendary items in Diablo Immortal:

  • Play on the highest difficulty level the hell you can handle To increase legendary drop rates.
  • full scholarships To kill large numbers of monsters, earn XP and Monstrous Essence at the same time.
  • Participate in district events For a chance at a legendary drop and a brutal core.
  • Seniors ranch cracks with quick set.

Where do you find group items in Immortal Diablo

Legendary gear drops are completely random, but gear mapping is mercifully targeting. Each item of the deck in Diablo Immortal drops from a specific dungeon, with the minimum difficulty required. Cultivating the item you need can take some time, but there is less randomness involved in farming compared to equipment or legendary gems.

Here is a list of all deck items in Diablo Immortal and their drop locations:

Baron Package Banquet Set Drop Sites

  • The Subjugator (Mascot) – End of Destruction, Hell 2+
  • Key (Ring) – Fahr’s Tomb, Hell 4+
  • Prisoner (Ring) – Forgotten Tower, Hell 4+
  • Postal Fist (Gloves) – Kikoras Rapids, Hell 2+
  • The Gaoler (Belt) – Namari Temple, Hell 1+
  • Tyrant (Boots) – Cave of Echo, Hell 1+

Blessing from Flagellant Group Drop Sites

  • Throat Cut (Amulet) – End of Destruction, Hell 2+
  • Severed Thumb (ring) – Namari Temple, Hell 4+
  • Broken Palm (Ring) – Kikoras Rapids, Hell 4+
  • Bloody Hand (Gloves) – Echo Cave, Hell 2+
  • Open intestines (belt) – pit of doom, hell 1+
  • Torn Sole (shoe) – Crazy King Breach, Hell 1+

Issatar Imbued Set Drop Locations

  • Isatar in Rest (Amulet) – Crazy King Breach, Hell 2+
  • Isatar Undone (ring) – Cave of Echoes, Hell 4+
  • Angry Star (Ring) – Pit of Doom, Hell 4+
  • Issa’s Open Hand (Gloves) – Forgotten Tower, Hell 2+
  • Istar Contains (Belt) – Fahir’s Tomb, Hell 1+
  • Lester Brutal (Boots) – End of Destruction, Hell 1+

Shepherd’s Call to Wolves Set Drop Locations

  • Shepherd and Amara (Amulet) – Fahr’s Tomb, Hell 2+
  • Shepherd and Mother (Ring) – Crazy King Breach, Hell 4+
  • Shepherd and Father (Ring) – Forgotten sign, Hell 4+
  • Shepherd and the Beast (Gloves) – End of Destruction, Hell 2+
  • Shepherd and Begetter (belt) – Kikuras Rapids, Hell 1+
  • Shepherd and Commander (Boots) – Namari Temple, Hell 1+

Mountebank castaway set projection sites

  • Mountebank’s Flurish Amulet (Amulet) – Cave of Echo, Hell 2+
  • Disinformation in Mountebank (episode) – Namari Temple, Hell 4+
  • Mountebank’s Marvel (Episode) – Kikuras Rapids, Hell 4+
  • Mountebank’s Shirking (Gloves) – Pit of Doom, Hell 2+
  • Mountebank’s Bravado (Belt) – Mad King’s Breach, Hell 1+
  • Mountebank’s Cunning (Boots) – Forgotten Tower, Hell 1+

Vitho urged to set the projection locations

  • Awakening Urges (Amulet) – Kikoras Rapids, Hell 2+
  • Shameless Urge (Seal) – Fahir’s Tomb, Hell 4+
  • Humble Motivation (episode) – End of Destruction, Hell 4+
  • Luminary’s Urge – Namari Temple, Hell 2+
  • Urge Form (Belt) – Cave of Echo, Hell 1+
  • Induction Beacon (Boots) – Pit of Doom, Hell 1+

Violating the Shelbas war, they set the landing sites

  • Burning Heart of Shelpas (Amulet) – Pit of Torment, Hell 2+
  • The Rest of the Tusks of Shalebas (Ring) – Temple of Namari, Hell 4+
  • Braided Shaleps Snake (Loop) – Echo Cave, Hell 4+
  • Dozen Shlaps Blows (Gloves) – Crazy King Breach, Hell 2+
  • Strom-Tack of Shal’baas – Forgotten Tower, Hell 1+
  • Shalabs Stents – Fahr’s Tomb, Hell 1+

Windloft Perfection Set Projection Set

  • Windsom Edge (Amulet) – Forgotten Tower, Hell 2+
  • Fairfleet (Ring) – Mad King’s Breach, Hell 4+
  • Foulfleet (ring) – pit of doom, hell 4+
  • High Crucifixion (Gloves) – Fahr’s Tomb, Hell 2+
  • Whipcrack (Belt) – End of Destruction, Hell 1+
  • Stump-Stir (shoes) – Kikuras Rapids, Hell 1+

How to use Essence Transfer to get better Epic Gear

Every now and then you’ll find a Legendary item that doesn’t fit your design, but with better attribute rolls than Legendary does. Fortunately, you can use Essence Transfer to smash two legendary items together and get the best parts of both by transferring a legendary attribute to an item with better stats.

Essence extraction user interface in Diablo Immortal, accessible via the Essence Transfer vendor in Westmarch

To begin the Essence transfer process, visit an Essence Transfer dealer in southwest Westmarch. Select the item with the legendary attribute you want, then pay 3000 gold to extract its essence. This damages the item and gives you a detailed gem that you can apply to other Legendary items in the same slot. For example, you can transfer an essence from one shield to another, but not from one shield to a helmet.

Next, go to the Transfer Resource Inheritance tab and find the item with better attribute rolls but without the desired legendary attribute. You can now apply the “Legendary Essence” to this item, changing its name, appearance and Legendary attribute to the “Essence” of your choice. The lists of attributes and upgrade upgrades will remain unchanged, leaving you with a Legendary item with both the attribute and stats you want.

That’s all there is to know about legendary and defining items in Diablo Immortal! You will need to reach level 60 and avoid difficulty to start farming gear set, so check out our guides to level up faster and raise the difficulty level in Diablo Immortal! If you are just starting out and are having a hard time choosing a character, visit Diablo Immortal’s class list.

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