International Science Reserve announces Executive Board and unveils first crisis activation on wildfire prevention and management

The ISR Network brings together more than 1,000 scientists from around the world in a collaborative effort to solve some of the most pressing global challenges with support from the New York Academy of Sciences, Google, IBM, Pfizer, MyL and others.

New YorkAnd April 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – file New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) and its founding members — including Google, IBM, Pfizer, and UL — today announced the official activation of the International Science Reserve (ISR). Recognizing that our world’s scientific capabilities exist across borders, institutions, and sectors, ISR brings together global scientists across government, academia, and industries to collaborate across geographies and sectors to prepare for and help mitigate potential global crises – from future pandemics to the consequences of climate change.

As part of its ongoing mission, the ISR will facilitate access to specialized scientific and technical resources worldwide; Conduct scenario planning readiness exercises to increase preparedness and forecast global impacts, and scholars from a wide range of countries come together to build institutional memory in crisis management and response. This initiative builds on the success of IBM High Performance Computing Consortium (HPCC), founded in March 2020 Response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the head of the organization, a newly created Executive Board includes well-known scientific leaders from multiple sectors:

  • Nicholas DirksPhD President and CEO of the New York Academy of Sciences and Co-Chair of the ISR . Executive Board
  • Dario Gill, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and Director, IBM Research and Co-Chair of the ISR . Executive Board
  • Aida HabtezionMD, MSc, FRCPC, AGAF, Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, and Head of Global Medical and Safety Services, Pfizer Inc.
  • Philip NelsonAnd Head of Search, Google
  • Robert SloanPhD Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist, UL
  • Rick BrightPhD CEO, Epidemic Prevention Institute and Senior Vice President, The Rockefeller Foundation
  • Lorna ThorpePhD Professor and Director, Department of Epidemiology, New York University Grossman School of Medicine in the Department of Population Health, Grossman School of Medicine, Department of Population Health

The Board will conduct detailed research and analysis to advise on the nature and scope of the crisis area that the SSR will address. When a transnational crisis occurs and there is sufficient urgency, the Executive Board mobilizes the Information Security Review. in addition to, Mila RosenthalPh.Dwas recently announced as CEO of ISR.

“Science in times of crisis is rapid, and requires quick decisions, based on limited information,” NYAS President and CEO says, Nicholas Dirks. “Scientists should, and indeed must, play a critical role in devising effective crisis response strategies – from assessing the multiple impacts of different types of crises to providing possible solutions and guidance for mitigation, in the short and short term as well as the long term. We are creating a collaborative entity in Science Reserve International would help us anticipate and prepare for what might be required to respond to the next global crisis in the best possible way.”

“The world needs an international science reserve,” Says IBM Senior Vice President and IBM Research Director, DarHey Jill. “Major crises have often been catalysts for institutional innovation in science and technology. The US National Science Foundation and National Laboratories were created after World War II. NASA and DARPA emerged during the Cold War. Our current crises require that we innovate again, and this time, an international network of scientists Covering the private sector, academia, non-profit organizations and government, all united in a commitment to exchange expertise, preparedness and service, it is the right recipe for meeting the needs of the world.”

“Pfizer commends the creation of the International Science Reserve (ISR). The Covid-19 pandemic and climate change have demonstrated the urgent need for crisis preparedness in the scientific community. We believe the principles of “science without borders,” are wired circuits,” and open mutual collaboration will allow scientists to come together and offer innovative solutions And move “with the speed of science,” Says Aida HabtezionAnd Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Global Medicine and Safety, Pfizer Inc.Pfizer has been at the forefront of pandemic response, aligning with the ISR’s focus on preparing and mobilizing scientists to augment existing response organizations in times of crisis. We are proud to be among the founding partners of this important initiative.”

“Science Reserve International’s work is aligned with UL’s mission to work for a safer world,Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist at UL says, Robert Sloan. “We believe that anticipating and planning for high-risk events such as wildfires, epidemics, and electrical grid failures is key to responsible corporate citizenship.”

The structure of the information security system is flexible and able to adapt to needs before, during and after a complex global crisis. To explore and plan responses to potential crisis scenarios, an extensive network of more than 1,000 scientists participate in the ISR community. In addition to scholars, the Executive Board, and funders, the ISR is building a global network of collaborators and members to increase and accelerate response to crises.

In the first preparedness exercise, polling and polling engaged scientists to tackle the increasingly devastating wildfires around the world. Recently, the first of its kind to the United Nations scientific Assess On the dangers of wildfires, he concluded that wildfires could grow by nearly 60% by the end of this century – largely due to the consequences of climate change. In the past two decades, there has been a file sharp increase The length of the wildfire season, the frequency of wildfires, and the burning of spaces.

The network of scholars directly appointed by the ISR is well-equipped to meet this challenge due to their deep experience and knowledge about crisis resolution. As a first test of the ISR’s operational model, ISR’s Readiness Exercises for the Pilot Crisis Area, Wildfires, began, and the ISR team compiled results that will be shared with the scientific community at a later time.

About the International Science Reserve

The International Science Reserve (ISR) is a network of open science communities, bringing together specialized resources from around the world to prepare for and help mitigate complex and urgent global crises. We focus only on preparing and mobilizing scientists to augment existing response organizations. The New York Academy of Sciences is the coordinating hub for the ISR.

IBM source; New York Academy of Sciences

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