Jacksonville Jaguars Mailbag: Official Draft Prediction No. 1, No. 33

Each week during this year’s season, The Jaguar Report will take questions related to Jacksonville Jaguars from our readers across social media and answer them in a question-and-answer format, giving readers a chance to have their voices heard.

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This week we’re getting questions about the team’s first two picks, top 30 hits and more.

Q: The Travon Walker post will not disappear. You’ve mentioned it as a possibility before but do you really think it’s the first choice?

A: I have, and for good reason. Not only does Travon Walker fit a lot of Trent Baalke’s favorite things into a defensive line (upper side, length, size), but when there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. Even if Jaguars doesn’t take Walker #1, I’m sure the team – and especially Baalke – hold him very high as a prospect and they have talked about him a lot as a result.

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