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apartments – Andrew Jenkins Provides the playing field with a centerpiece to the left center gap to drive in Brandon Prince And it walks off South Georgia where Georgia Tech won 13-12 Wednesday night at Mac Nease Baseball Park at Ross Chandler Stadium.

The Yellow Jackets (28-21) scored eight unanswered runs at the start of the seventh inning as they made their comeback effort. Stephen Reed He drove in the seventh game at a player’s choice before Eye Tech shone on the board in eighth place Trace Gonzalez Drawing RBI Walking Loaded with Rules and Tim Borden II RBI drew blow after hit, loaded with rules.

Next, Reed took the biggest hit in eighth, notching two Grand Slam goals in the eighth inning to hit the knot in the match at 12 each.

Then, with one in the ninth, a real new student Nicholas Roman, who entered the game as a discus hitter before playing shortstop, drove a ball into the ninth court from the center hitter. The prince then pinch ran and immediately stole seven. Chandler Simpson He then charted his second walk on the night before Jenkins hit the second round.

On the hill, LHP Cameron Hill and RHP Cole McNamee (1-0) He starred in the late rounds to keep the match steady. Hill won the game with 1.1 rounds of non-impact actions beginning in the eighth, before McNamee shuts the door at the top of the ninth, while Kevin Parada He also killed the only South Georgia runner who was caught stealing in the year.

The Eagles (32-16) was led by Noah Ledford, who went 3 for 5 with Homer and four from the RBI. LHP Jay Thompson (5-3) took the loss, allowing five runs in three strokes in just 1.2 innings.

Georgia Tech is now ending the regular season on the road when it travels to Akron (Canal Park), Kent State and Pittsburgh next week.


Post-match press conference (Coach Hall, Andrew Jenkins, Stephen Reed)

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