Jimmy Garoppolo’s long, slow farewell continues for 49 players

by Martin Rogers
FOX Sports Columnist

The Jimmy Garoppolo Summer sweepstakes started just as they were meant to.

It all started in time, on February 1, after the San Francisco 49ers’ mile of making the Super Bowl was narrowly short, and ahead of a handful of NFL teams looking for their future quarterback, were ready to seriously consider. .

The message was the right one too, a farewell word from Garoppolo that conveyed his appreciation for his time in the Bay Area and appeared to be genuine and honest.

β€œIt was a ride from hell, you guys,” he said. “I love you guys. So, see you.”

In this regard, Garoppolo posed as the perfect shooter, who lines up as a positive and safe pair for any franchise looking to establish itself at a time when QB play is the most cherished commodity in the game.

However, as April drags on, and the start of next season isn’t that far away, there’s been nothing.

Garoppolo, who is depositing the textbook, is still a Niner. Unfortunately, the handsome cup was accompanied by shoulder pain, and the resulting surgery immobilized the movement. No winners for this sweepstakes have been found yet, mostly because no one has spent their money to buy a ticket.

Where will the 49ers trade Jimmy Garoppolo?

Where will the 49ers trade Jimmy Garoppolo?

Peter King joins Colin Cowherd to discuss the latest news on the NFL’s free agency period.

If 30-year-old Jimmy J is on our mind, it’s only because the Subway commercials where he hangs out with Simone Biles and Steph Curry play a lot. But it is not in the news, because the news requires some kind of activity.

Garoppolo didn’t trade in the first wave of traffic involving signal callers, leaving everyone thinking something might happen at the festival of gossip and conversation which is the Florida Annual Meetings.

But there was nothing there either. Here we are, as San Francisco seeks to finalize its plans for the new campaign. The 49ers have a $26.9 million elephant in the corner of a room, and sophomore QB Trey Lance sits on the throne in the middle of it.

Lots of work done and lots of QB points filled. Russell Wilson is no longer in Seattle, having lifted the sticks for Denver. The Cleveland Browns swung big to Deshaan Watson. The Indianapolis Colts pounced on Matt Ryan, leaving Carson Wentz with the Washington captains. Marcus Mariota and Mitchell Trubesky got deals. Tom Brady’s courtship with retirement didn’t last.

Meanwhile, Garoppolo’s shoulder surgery, up to this point, was reason enough for the teams to look elsewhere.

“The surgery was a surprise, so it was different,” head coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters this week. “But we went to a free agency and thought we really needed to get a corner. That was our first need. And we got that.”

The 49ers assume they are not interested and are doing a decent job of selling this theory. The acquisition Shanahan was talking about was the signing of full-back Charvarius Ward, and things are going well, albeit with the need for Depo Samuel and Nick Bossa extensions looming.

The strange thing here – and Baker Mayfield experiences a little of this – is that the sound of silence will break with an emphatic roar whether he or Garoppolo is cut by their own squads. The forty-four people made it clear that this wouldn’t happen – and that they wanted some draft capital in return.

They are ready to wait. In that sense, having Garoppolo around isn’t as troublesome as it is for Mayfield to stay with Brown.

“We appreciate the strength in this position,” said General Manager John Lynch. “To be perfectly frank, though, when making a deal (for Lance) of this magnitude, most of our choices didn’t include Jimmy in our books β€” on our squad.

“You always have to adapt, and a chain of events happened that didn’t work out. It’s not a bad thing, though. We feel positive about it. We’re going to make it work.”

Everyone appreciates the centre-back, but not so much to have a backup at this price over the shoulder of a youngster trying to make his mark.

Make Lynch’s comments whatever you like. He’s known as a straightforward shooter, but he has every reason to be a double here. If they stick to the claim that they are willing to hold Garoppolo and he raises the trading price a bit, it would be a win for the 49er.

It’s a tough time. The 49 players came close enough to sniff out a championship just a few months ago and could have reason to feel like they’re one player apart from the race to win it all. It remains to be seen whether or not Lance is that guy, although their preference won’t be saddled with the additional pressure of Garoppolo’s presence.

Is Jimmy Garoppolo underappreciated?

Is Jimmy Garoppolo underappreciated?

George Keitel defended Jimmy Garoppolo, saying, “Jimmy J… you can’t say enough about this guy… people are trying to drag him down and all he’s doing is trying to get done and he leads this team. He feels calm in the rally, he feels It calms the storm and allows us to play football at a high level.”

It’s developing into a bizarre saga, albeit a less awkward one due to how Garoppolo and the team remain on good terms. The Carolina Panthers are the team most often mentioned in association with – because there are only a few other obvious bouts left.

Garoppolo himself is enjoying a new opportunity, the Lance presumably benefited from the learning behind him last season, and the whole thing is shaping up as one of those rare elements in the NFL – something that works for everyone.

But first, something has to happen. Long goodbyes keep getting longer. So much more, and you have to wonder if it will ever happen.

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