Joint Edition by Nuowei Tech and Ant Group

Hangzhou, ChinaAnd April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hangzhou Nuowei Information Technology Co., Ltd. announced. (Nuowei Tech), the leading provider of privacy computing services, announces the official release of its new product, the NVX® all-in-one platform, in collaboration with with Ant group, One One of the largest financial technology companies in China.

The NVX® all-in-one platform is a self-contained and fully controllable computing solution that maintains privacy, and leverages hardware and software integration solutions, allowing for out-of-the-box use. It aims to provide a secure and efficient sharing of data between different data owners. Typical application scenarios include, but are not limited to, biomedicine, finance, and government affairs.

The NVX® all-in-One platform supports locally produced hardware and CPU. Enhanced by Nuowei Tech’s Privacy Preservation Computing Framework and the original trusted solution from Ant Group, with built-in privacy protection computing accelerator, fully controllable stand-alone Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), native Chinese accelerator hardware standard encryption algorithm and technology stack trusted. With the NVX® all-in-One platform, users can exchange valuable data with external partners in a controlled and secure manner. During this process, data is communicated to the NVX® all-in-one platform through data interfaces, such as file system, database, API, etc.

doctor. Shuang WangFounder and Chairman of Nuowei Tech stated, “One of the future trends of privacy-preserving accounts will be a comprehensive device that combines hardware and software that can protect privacy and improve computing performance at the same time. We are pleased to collaborate with Ant Group to advance the development of technology and application of computing that preserves privacy. on privacy. We hope the NVX® all-in-one platform will enable more industries to access privacy-preserving computing in a more efficient, cost-effective and convenient way.”

doctor. Chengang ChenDirector of Trusted Native Technology of Ant Group, said: “The combination of software and hardware is the development trend of the privacy-preserving computing industry. The Ant Group’s native trusted base can provide application acceleration, self-contained and fully controllable TEE and trusted technology stack. With self-developed chips, acceleration cards, TEE, etc. Nuowei Tech is a very important partner for us and we hope this all-in-one product will take the privacy-preserving computing industry to the next level.”

Privacy Computing is a suite of a series of technologies and solutions, covering Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), Multilateral Secure Computing (MPC), Federal Learning (FL), Security Federal Learning (SFL), Symmetric Encryption (HE), etc. It can provide data processing, analysis, modeling, verification, etc. on the premise of data privacy protection. Therefore, it ensures secure and efficient sharing of data value and supports collaborative application of different types of data.

During the past two years, we have witnessed rapid development in the privacy-preserving computing industry, such as the constant iteration of technologies and products, the gradual implementation of laws and regulations, and the increasing market demand. Gartner lists privacy-preserving computation as one of the best strategic technologies of 2022, and predicts that by 2025, half of the world’s large organizations will use at least one privacy-preserving computational technology. In the 2021 Private Computing Industry Research ReportKPMG noted that within three years, revenue China The market for privacy-preserving computing services is expected to reach 10-20 billion yuan. Meanwhile, there is a great opportunity to reach platform operating revenue 100 billion yuan.

The market demand has been steadily rising for a while, and more and more high-profile investors are betting on accounts that maintain privacy. According to iResearch’s research report, the cumulative funding amount for Chinese privacy-preserving computing companies from 2016 to 2022 Q1 (as of March 9) exceeded 3 billion yuan. Notably, the amount in 2021 represents more than 60% of this figure.


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