Leaders in occupational safety and health launch Society for Total Worker Health

Occupational health and safety leaders from across the US have launched the new Society for Total Worker Health™. The Society for Total Worker Health is a non-profit organization of individuals and partners dedicated to improving the health, safety, well-being and productivity of workers through Total Worker Health®.

The Society will serve as a hub and community for sharing new and innovative ideas for expansion General health of workers (TWH) research, training, education, dissemination and real solutions. The Society hopes to chart a new path for professional and scientific organizations, not compete with them. The group’s aims are to act as a place for professionals and students to engage across all disciplines to improve the TWH field and the experience of all workers. The Society will engage members from traditional occupational safety and health disciplines, government, academia, human resources, public health, public policy, industry and labor groups.

Inspired by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) more than a decade ago, the field of TWH is growing, increasing the potential to improve the well-being of more workers around the world. The Society, regardless of the limitations of its state roots, can boldly innovate, offer promising strategies to advance this new discipline, and gather and inspire people who want to help shape the future of TWH.

“The challenges facing today’s workers and workplaces require a new approach,” said L. Casey Chosewood, MD, MPH, director of the Office of TWH at NIOSH. “The community will bring people from different disciplines together to tackle complex challenges, learn from each other and collectively solve big problems. The TWH field is expanding rapidly and gaining momentum, increasing the need for a place to gather for people who want to help shape our future.”

“Our membership is based on four pillars; community building, leadership, outreach and mentoring,” said Liliana Tenney, Ph.D., assistant professor and associate director of outreach at the Center for Health, Work, and Environment at the Colorado School of Public Health and interim president-elect of the Society. “We’re building this community to connect people from different fields and give them the tools to lead in their field—all in a way that’s fresh to the way professional associations typically operate. People interested in TWH are curious and motivated to tackle big problems facing today’s workplaces. The Society will be a place for engaging in rich dialogue, building new relationships, and overall, advancing the TWH field for greater impact.”

The Society’s leadership, board of directors, and founding members are drawn from leaders within NIOSH, the ten NIOSH Centers of Excellence for TWH, and prominent occupational safety and health professional organizations. The group will hold its inaugural and inaugural meeting at the 3rd TWH International Advancement Symposium in Bethesda, Maryland on October 14, 2022.

The Society for Total Worker Health is now accepting new members and partnerships. For more information, visit www.twhsociety.org.

Total Worker Health® is a registered trademark of the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Trademark use granted under license agreement. Participation by the Colorado School of Public Health does not imply endorsement by HHS, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.


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