Legends, a new social travel app, announces the world’s first user-generated NFT to enable users to own and monetize their travel data in the world of web 3

legends Creates a new form of social currency by translating real-time data into a user’s unique ‘travel DNA’, allowing users to visualize their travel history, create recommendations, socialize and transact on a single platform.

New YorkAnd the June 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Legends, a new social network at the intersection of Web 2 and Web 3 that instantly translates user travel data to NFT, has announced its launch. This comes at a time when the increasingly blurred boundaries between work, life and travel are making location independence the new normal. By harnessing the best of technology, community, and social, Legends is the first platform to empower the traveler and transform their unique data into an NFT that can be used as a new form of social currency.

“The future of social networking is focused on categories and creators first,” he says. “Traditional travel platforms are insulated and designed for providers, not travelers today,” Stephanie DanielCo-founder and CEO of Legends. “We are redefining travel for today’s consumers by bringing together the best of technology and community to make travel experiences a tangible, shareable and monetized asset. Now is the time.”

How it works:

Unlike other travel technologies or social apps that address one or a few elements of a user’s journey, Legends is an all-in-one solution where users can visualize their travel history, create recommendations, socialize and transactions on a single platform. Users can now unlock their lifetime travel journey and turn every photo into a file Beautiful 3D visualization From their unique travel DNA made up of their own experience of the world – from the places, languages, cultures, climates and cuisines encountered.

Travel DNA provides the basis for automated sharing so that users can instantly save and share their favorite places with friends without having to manually load lists or remember every place they’ve previously visited. The unique travel DNA created can be leveraged to discover smarter recommendations based on past travel history and behaviors and help connect with other travelers. In the end, you can book places suggested by people you trust and you earn when your friends book your place. It all takes place in an interactive social interface built on the map. This travel DNA generated in the app becomes a dynamic user-generated NFT that serves as users’ exclusive community membership and provides digital and physical access to special offers with Legends partners.

“Everyone is trying to predict the future of travel, but we believe that these are the ones who can integrate the best of Web 2 and Web 3 while building an enthusiastic and class-leading user base that will ultimately transform the industry,” Stewart GriffHead of Innovation and Strategy at Forbes Travel Guide.

Legends received funding from many investors including Trip Ventures, a fund that invests in the future of technology in travel. “We believe Stephanie and Shayna built what could become a leading social + travel company,” said Carlos GarciaCEO of Trip Ventures. “The intellectual property that runs in the travel DNA of Legends is a unique differentiator from other companies in the social travel space.” Legends in discussions for additional funding and strategic partnerships. The app is currently by invitation only and available on iOS, join the waiting list by downloading from the App Store here.

About legends:

legends It is a social travel app that enables our community to visualize their travel history, create recommendations, socialize and engage on a single platform. Designed by explorers for explorers, Legends helps users unlock their lifelong travel journey by creating their own unique travel DNA made from their own experience of the world. Legends is the world’s first social platform that allows travelers to turn their data into a monetized asset. At the intersection of vertical society and travel technology, Legends reimagines travel as we move into the world of Web 3.

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